More Progress For USYCA In Connecticut And Indiana

More Progress For USYCA In Connecticut And Indiana
More Progress For USYCA In Connecticut And Indiana

The Old Greenwich Riverside (CT) Community Center (OGRCC) is partnering with the Mad Dogs Cricket Club and USYCA to offer a new youth cricket program in Greenwich. The five-week instructional program will be held on Sunday mornings, May 20 - June 24, and is available for youths between the ages of 9-12.

Participants will learn the rules, principles and customs of the game, including fundamental batting, bowling and fielding skills, and gain hands-on experience through friendly scrimmage matches.

The USYCA donated the equipment needed to offer the OGRCC program and will have its local members conduct the sessions in partnership with members of the Greenwich Mad Dogs Cricket Club, which features players from Ghana, England, India and Australia.

"We had heard about the USYCA and the youth programs they have managed in Stamford, Groton and other towns in Connecticut and felt that we would have enough interest to run a similar program in our town," said Greg McLaughlin, a member of the OGRCC Board of Directors. "We contacted both the USYCA as well as members of the Greenwich Mad Dogs Cricket Club to solicit their help in forming the OGRCC Cricket program.

"The USYCA was very generous to donate the equipment as well as offer their time to provide instructors for the program, and members of the Mad Dogs were also enthusiastic about helping us launch the program as well," said McLaughlin.

The Mad Dogs are longtime supporters of the USYCA mission, donating the proceeds of last year's New York Ashes match to USYCA. The Mad Dogs have also confirmed that 100% of the funds raised at the 22nd Annual NY Ashes match, which is scheduled for June 24, will go to USYCA again this year.

Meanwhile, USYCA has received this from Mrs. Mary Hamlin, Physical Education teacher at Avon North Middle School in Avon, Indiana:

"Avon North Middle School would like to thank Jatin Patel of Indiana Youth Cricket for visiting our school to host a cricket clinic for our 7th grade physical education students and also to thank USYCA for providing free cricket equipment to help the students learn cricket basic skills.

"Patel combined his professional cricket game skills and his high school coaching experiences to create a fun, skill based workshop for 60+ students in the middle school gymnasium. Beginning with a warm-up and finishing with a cool down session, he created an atmosphere of "let them play and learn the game." Students enjoyed the session. Patel used drills from other sports that students already were familiar with to demonstrate techniques specific to cricket. As with other sports, cricket challenges students with athletic abilities and game knowledge.

"Most of the students at our school had never seen the game of cricket until today. Cricket is a fun and challenging sport that we are excited to add to our physical education program at Avon North It is our hope that students from Avon will continue to look foropportunities to play cricket in Indianapolis and central Indiana."