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My goal is to become the fastest women's fast bowler in the world : Sumbul Rasheed

Apart from the Taj Mahal, the city of Agra is a city with a message of love and peace.


But very soon the name of Agra city will reach the heights in the women's cricket world. It is claimed that 5 Feet 8 inch tall, 16 year old, Sumbul Rasheed, the daughter of Agra, who has set the target to become the world's fastest bowler.

Sumbul Rasheed's family members are associated with cricket in some way or the other, father Haroon Rasheed has been a medium pace fast bowler from Agra and has been a well-known coach and is the founder and general secretary of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India. Elder sister Ghazal Khan is the Director International Cricket Affairs of the International Cricket Council for the Physically Challenged. Mother is as Vice President of International Council for Wheelchair Cricket.

Father Haroon Rasheed and initial coach Mohammad Afzal coach at Alan Cricket Ground Mathura kept Sumbul Rasheed for a year only for slow running and physical exercises.

Father Haroon Rasheed had promised daughter Sumbul Rasheed that on the occasion of her birthday, on 27th April, he would hand over the ball to her for the first time.

But both Haroon Rasheed and Sumbul's mother Husna Begum could not give the gift of holding the ball in hand to their daughter to start bowling on the occasion of her birthday due to being infected with the coronavirus in Dubai.

After coming back from Dubai on 10 May, the ball was caught in the hands of Sumbul Rasheed for the first time on 7 June 2021, after being quarantined inside the house for 20 days.

Sumbul Rasheed started practicing on his home terrace for 2 months Father Haroon Rasheed told Sumbul I would like to see you as the fastest bowler in the world, for this you need to work tirelessly

According to the wishes of the father, the daughter Sumbul accepted the lesson given by the father.

Sumbul started hard practice with full dedication

As soon as Sumbul started catching the speed, Haroon Rasheed told *C.O.O. Faisal Alvi of CSD Sahara Cricket Academy Lucknow about Sumbul,* he immediately asked Sumbul to bring him to Lucknow.

After joining *CSD Sahara Cricket Academy, Sumbul's bowling has started gaining momentum* due to training provided by ex Ranji Trophy players and skilled coaches there.

 *Kamran Khan, who played 4 consecutive seasons for Rajasthan Royals in IPL, is specially training to Sumbul.* 

 *Kamran Khan says Sumbul is a good hard working girl and the way this girl is jumping and bowling like boys, she can definitely become India's fastest bowler.*

The same Sumbul says that I would like to become a fast bowler not only in India but in the world, the goal is big but nothing difficult.

Sumbul, who considers Shabneem Smile of South Africa as her idol, says Shabneem Ismail is also a human like me if Shabneem Smile can bowl continuously at 120 to 125, my target is 130 but I would like to maintain the average speed of 120 to 125

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