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Nathan Lyon urges Australians to support National Backyard Cricket Day

Nathan Lyon, with NSW Cricketers Daniel Hughes and Liam Hatcher
Nathan Lyon, with NSW Cricketers Daniel Hughes and Liam Hatcher
©CA/Getty Images

Ashes winning spinner Nathan Lyon is urging Australians to get together for a game of backyard cricket on Sunday, February 6, to celebrate National Backyard Cricket Day.

National Backyard Cricket is an annual initiative by the LBW Trust which celebrates the version of the game played by thousands of households across the country while raising funds for the education of disadvantaged youth.

Everyone is urged to sign up and play a game of cricket on National Backyard Cricket Day to support the LBW Trust, an official charity partner of Cricket Australia.

A feature of National Backyard Cricket Day will be the inaugural LBW Trust Invitational National Backyard Cricket Tournament at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse on Sunday, February 6.

The members enclosure and mounting yard at the famous venue will be transformed to virtual backyards where teams of seven players will compete while spectators enjoy hospitality in adjoining marquees.

Proceeds from the National Backyard Cricket initiative will help fund the education of youth in Australia as well as tertiary education projects in other cricket playing nations.

In 2021 funds raised by the initiative provided $70,000 in grants to 54 libraries in rural Australia through the LBW Trust’s partnership with Friends of Libraries Australia.

These grants will enable projects including improved computer access for youth, ESL classes, special needs programs and coding classes.

Money raised also provided grants for tertiary students in India and Sri Lanka at a time when the pandemic made the support for education and families in those nations even more critical.


Australian cricketer Nathan Lyon said:


“Everyone loves backyard cricket and I’m sure Australians are itching to have a hit after watching us defend the Men’s Ashes and with the Women’s Ashes in full flight.

“National Backyard Cricket is a great chance to have fun with friends and family in your backyard, driveway, hallway or homegrown pitch while also raising money for a great cause.

“The money raised by the LBW Trust helps to fund the education of disadvantaged youth here and overseas.

“Make sure you go to the website, sign up to the National Backyard Cricket initiative and get out the bat, plastic stumps and taped-up tennis ball.”

You can get involved by registering your backyard cricket game or making a donation at www.nationalbackyardcricket.com