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Needs analysis of a fast bowler

Lasith Malinga (left) and Waqar Younis - two fine fast bowlers from different generations
Lasith Malinga (left) and Waqar Younis - two fine fast bowlers from different generations
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What do you need as a fast bowler? The purpose of this article is to just keep it as simple as we can regarding training for fast bowling.

It’s just all been blown out of proportion.

We are cricketers!

Seriously, enough of this Charles Atlas, Strongman, Crossfit ,Triathlon and WWE stuff. Bowlers are judged on wickets, performance and their benefit to the team.

Ok, yes we can get deeper into it than this to keep our sport scientists happy but I’m more concerned with the other 95 pe cent of the bowling population who just want it in layman terms.

Bowling, what do you need?

You need to be able to bowl - Technical work

You need to be able to get into the right positions to bowl - Mobility

You need to bowl lots of times - Speed, Speed-Endurance, Conditioning [Anaerobic]

You need to be able to recover between balls, overs, sessions and days - Aerobic

You need to be strong enough to cope with large external forces - general strength

You need to bowl as fast as your body can - Power

You need to like pain - Mad as a box of frogs!

So we want to get a bit more interactive with you comrade!

Over the next couple of weeks we will be uploading some awesome technical drills that will help you get the most out of your action and bowl quicker

Now your job...

We want you to record yourself doing these drills

Then share them with us, on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page

Just upload, with #cricketstrength and #bowlingdrills and the best each week will earm themselves a FREE SPEED DEMON training program!!

So not only are you getting these awesome drills, you could also have the full program as well!

To see the first drill watch here:

Get filming and sharing!

Look forward to seeing how well you do

Think differently

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