Never A Gentleman's Game - Malcolm Knox

Never A Gentleman's Game - Malcolm Knox
Never A Gentleman's Game - Malcolm Knox

Compared to the controversies of contemporary cricket – ridden as it is with matchfixing, gambling, cheating and national  politics - most people think of the early days of Test cricket as a time of gentlemanly competition and camaraderie, with any disputes settled by Queensberry Rules over a glass of port. Not so.

Cricket between the 1870s and 1914 was fraught with exactly the same bitter, vicious and greedy bad behaviour as the current game. It was cricket in the raw, explored in depth for the first time by the insightful eye of Malcolm Knox, with a genuine affection  for the legends of the day – players like WG Grace, Fred Spofforth, Victor Trumper, Joe Darling and Stanley Jackson.


Malcolm Knox is an author, former literary editor and the current chief cricket correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald. He  has published twelve books, including The Greatest: The players, the moments, the matches 1993–2008, The Captains: The story behind Australia’s second most important job and Greg Chappell: Fierce Focus, as well as four novels.


Publication Date: November 2012
Price: £20.00 Hardback
ISBN: 9781742701936
Pages: 480 pages