New Cricket Scoring, Scouting and Live Streaming Software and App Announced

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PitchVision announce PV/Match

10 years ago PitchVision developed the world’s first portable cricket motion tracking system and they have now announced that they are releasing “PV/Match” a new and exciting cricket scoring, scouting and live streaming software and app system for club, school and recreational cricket, later in the year.

The future of recreational cricket match scoring, following and player analysis is now here in one easy to use and affordable Software System and App – “PV/Match” . PitchVision have created, with all their experience, science and passion for coaching and recreational cricket - “PV/Match” - bringing together all the elements of their pedigree PitchVision coaching data software and aligning it with their new match scoring and live streaming system.

PitchVision and Cricket World

At, we have worked with PitchVision over many years on their innovative coaching and entertainment products and it is fantastic to now see them enter this new exciting market with “PV/Match”.

With the explosion of social media over recent years, it has never been easier to follow your club or schools’ fortunes on match day – however, now you can watch it, as well, on the live streaming feature whilst capturing entire career data of your club and school players and, at the same time, it enables coaches and scouts to identify star quality or tweak technique with match play and coaching analysis – a full 360 experience - “From training and formal assessments, biomechanical monitoring, workload management, documentation and drill, performance data - and now, finally – their matches – in glorious blue-ray quality video from 3 angles, seamlessly synched to their personal accounts, seamlessly shared to your club or school community and stakeholders as suits your needs.

PitchVision and PV/Match – Key Facts and Features

PitchVision has worked closely with the England and Wales Cricket Board and 18 counties in the UK, the Marylebone Cricket Club, Cricket South Africa and all 16 provinces there, as well as hundreds of other academies, schools and associations world-wide in the area of coaching data, motion tracking, video analysis and athlete management.

  • 1 to 3 camera feeds for coaching and live match streaming

  • Video and Pitch Maps/Wagon Wheels for coach analysis

  • Easy Social media sharing of video clips, latest scores, match highlights

  • Sponsor Branding of video content – new sponsorship and marketing opportunities

  • Followers can watch their teams’ and individual performances from around the world

  • PV ecosystem stores players and team’s videos and data to allow Scout ID searches

  • Athlete Management System - all videos, documents, notes, workload management, assessments, and stats are stored in the PitchVision ‘cloud’, aiding player development and fostering communication on playing and training performances

  • Product will be available in December 2017

  • Orders will be taken from October 2017

  • What’s included in the price? – Tablet (with Software uploaded), PV Camera/s, Power Hub (which lasts up to 9 hours)

  • Price - £950 + vat (1 camera), £1450 + vat (2 cameras), £1950 + vat (3 cameras)