New O.R.S Tablets - Hydration When You Need It Most

New O.R.S Tablets - Hydration When You Need It Most
New O.R.S Tablets - Hydration When You Need It Most

Loss of appetite, head rushes and fatigue are feelings we can all experience on a day to day basis and are often unrecognised signs of dehydration.

To help reduce these symptoms so you can perform at your best 24/7, ensure your body is fully hydrated. Introducing O.R.S, one of the first soluble tablet oral rehydration salts, developed by pharmacists to help you stay refreshed and energised.

Once prepared, the great tasting lemon or blackcurrant flavoured still drink contains glucose, salts and electrolytes which help the body absorb sodium and other essential nutrients which can be depleted when dehydration occurs. The combination of water and nutrients in the O.R.S solution helps to restore an optimal fluid balance to help get you feeling back to your best.

The importance of rehydrating after exercise is well known but with today’s busy lifestyles we often don’t drink enough water and it’s easy to forget how vital it is to maintain adequate fluid levels at all times. If you think you might not be consuming enough liquid and putting yourself at risk of becoming dehydrated, you may wish to consider taking oral rehydration salts, as recommended by the World Health Organisation to restore a proper fluid balance.(1)

The Yorkshire County Cricket Club team has been taking O.R.S and Scot McAllister, team physiotherapist says:

"In any team sport, each player must be able to perform at the top of their game.One way performance is impacted is through the loss of vital fluids and electrolytes during training or in a competitive match and it’s important that these fluids are replaced to help support the body’s recovery. The team thinks about hydration all year round – not just when training in warmer temperatures.
"An athlete who feels even mildly dehydrated is unlikely to be able to give an optimum performance and puts himself at risk of developing other injuries such as cramping. Oral rehydration salts, like O.R.S tablets, are a great way to help the players stay hydrated and avoid any feelings of sluggishness or lack of energy.
"The convenient tablet form is perfect for keeping in kit bags - whenever the players are looking for a fluid boost they dissolve a couple of O.R.S tablets to make a refreshing lemon flavoured drink that helps replenish the glucose and minerals lost through exercise."

Sustaining a healthy level of hydration throughout the day will ensure energy and concentration levels are maintained. Situations whereby the body is put at risk of dehydration and in which you may benefit from taking oral rehydration salts, such as O.R.S, include:

  • Recovering from illness when fluid and mineral levels are likely to be low
  • Rehydrating quickly and effectively after exercise
  • Maintaining hydration levels when travelling to countries with hot climates
  • Following excessive alcohol consumption draining the body of vital nutrients

Available in [handbag/kit bag/pocket sized] friendly tubes, O.R.S provides a tasty low calorie alternative to energy drinks and a handy substitute for rehydration sachets.  Simply dissolve two tablets in a glass of water at the first sign of dehydration. O.R.S is suitable for adults and children and is available at your local pharmacy, leading supermarkets, convenience stores and online at (12s RRP £4.99, 24s RRP £6.99). For more information visit

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