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Nine Batsmen With the Best Records in Cricket

Viv Richards
Viv Richards

The world of Cricket has seen many exciting athletes step up to the plate over the years and dominate plays. The batters have almost always been at the forefront of the sport, and many fans are drawn to their finesse and style. We can tell that they are always ready to help their teams win games. 

Having the best batsman on one team would help them perform better, and it has always proven to help improve point spreads lines. It takes lots of dedication for any athlete to get to the top, and with each play, we try to enjoy the exciting gaming experiences that come with the matchups. 

It would increase their records and allow them to solidify their names in the all-time greats list. And the more challenging the ties, the better the chances for the top batters to make it into the hall of fame. Over the years, we’ve seen many players do this, making them solidify their names on the list.

To celebrate these batsmen for what they’ve done for their various teams and during their exciting eras, we’ve listed some of the ten best batters to have graced a cricket pitch. These players did remarkably well during their time and deserve to be part of the all-time greats list.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the top nine most incredible batters with some of the best records in cricket. Let’s get right into it.  

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar was a fantastic player that started his cricket career in 1989 against Pakistan. Even though he was only 16 years old, it was obvious that he had great potential, and those that predicted he would perform were right as he reigned supreme for years. 

He eventually retired in 2013, but with 200 Tests and 463 ODIs, he is sure one of the best batsmen in history. 

Sir Vivian Richards

In 1974, we witnessed Sir Vivian Richards for the first time. His first game was against India, and he showed flair and charisma. He carried this poise throughout his batting career as he featured in more than 180 ODI matches, scoring over 6700 runs. He was a fantastic player with an incredible technique that deserves a spot in the top 10. 

Virat Kohli

In 2021, many claimed that Virat Kohli was the best batsman in the world. He has the drive and hunger to push for victories, and since 2016, he has scored the most Test double tons. His name in the top ten list is not a fluke, and in modern-day cricket is sure one of the top players to mention. 

Ricky Ponting

Australia is one of the top teams in cricket, and they’ve had numerous top batters over the years, but only a few can rival Ricky Ponting. He started his career in 1995 and achieved many things that only a few batsmen could achieve throughout their careers. One of the most notable is picking up more than 13,000 Test runs at a 51.85 average in 168 appearances.  

Brian Lara

Brian Lara is one of the best players the West Indies team has ever produced. His left hand was ruthless and a nightmare for bowlers. Watching him was a pleasure as he broke different records to become one of the greatest players in the world. He sure had many accolades throughout his time on the pitch. 

Kumar Sangakkara

In 2021, Kumar Sangakkara was rightfully inducted into the ICC hall of fame following an elegant career in the cricket world. He helped Sri Lanka in different Test series and ODI matches as he broke different records to set new ones. Sangakkara gathered 12400 runs plus 11 double centuries in Tests. 

Sir Donald Bradman

Australia was one of the first teams to play cricket, and at that time, the Sir Donald Bradman era reigned supreme. Between 1928 and 1948, Bradman was one of the best batters in the sport. He had many unbroken records. Undoubtedly, he is running for the greatest of all time as only a few come close. 

Wally Hammond

Picking a top batter from England is difficult because the nation is riddled with incredible batters with exciting careers. However, Sir Wally Hammond is one of the best players to ever play for England. After making his debut in 1927, he got over 7200 runs at a 58.46 average in 85 Test matches. 

Jack Hobbs

Another English batsman that we can’t deny his impact on the game is Jack Hobbs. One of the best players in the early 1900s. He made his debut in 1908 against Australia, and in that match, he was immense. He got 83 runs in the first innings to help England. From then, he became a batting legend, getting 5410 runs in 61 games with a strike rate of 99.28.