O.R.S Solves Sports Rehydration

When it comes to fast and effective hydration, O.R.S has a winning edge over established sports drinks, and the product is now available across the UK.

O.R.S - Sports Rehydration SolvedO.R.S is the official hydration product of Yorkshire County Cricket Club as well as being the preferred hydration product for some of the UK’s leading sports teams and players.

O.R.S soluble tablets contain a balance of electrolytes, glucose and minerals formulated to promote sodium absorption and quickly restore optimum hydration.

If the body loses more fluid than it takes in, as is often the case in intensive sports activity, this can lead to dehydration. In cases of dehydration very little sodium is reabsorbed causing low levels of sodium in the body.

The intestines have on their surface a "sodium-glucose co-transporter," a protein that absorbs salt much better in the presence of glucose. O.R.S provides the correct mix of glucose, electrolytes and salts and thus helps the absorption of sodium. During this sodium absorption phase, water molecules are also absorbed helping the body to rehydrate quickly.

Sportspeople involved in intensive training and plenty of sweating, from cycling to cricket and running to gym classes, will appreciate the easy to prepare soluble tablets in handy 12 and 24 tablet tube packs.

They are ideal before and after training, preparing for, and after, competitions and can be carried in the pocket. The recommended dose for restoring hydration levels for adults is two tablets fully dissolved in 200ml of drinking water.

With pleasant tasting lemon and blackcurrant flavours, suitability for adults and children, O.R.S are the obvious choice for sportspeople at all levels.

O.R.S is available across the UK including: Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Superdrug, Lloydspharmacy, Day Lewis Pharmacy, online (Amazon, ChemistDirect, pharmacy2u, thehealthcounter and iTravelWell), plus independent pharmacies across the UK. RRP for the 24 pack is £6.99 and £4.99 for the 12 pack.

For more information on O.R.S including details on why it is so effective for rapid rehydration and maintaining optimum fluid balance go to: www.ors.uk.com

O.R.S - Sports Rehydration Solved