Online Cricket Games and a Summer of Fun


Cricket is followed around the world by many millions of fans that are also interested in playing games online. We are going to have a look at two cricket games that should stand out from the crowd for cricket fans this summer.

New Star Cricket

In New Star Cricket you can be the star, launching your cricket career as a promising young academy player and then build up your skills and earn rewards as you play local, domestic and then national competitions all over the world.

You can experience life as a professional cricketer, rise through the ranks to eventually represent your chosen national team.  Revel in the authenticity of a mobile cricket title that captures the spirit, skills, excitement and teams from the many cricket leagues around the world and, unlike other games online, it is certainly a leader in cricket gaming as an app.

The Official Game of the Ashes

Big Ant Studios, in association with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is due shortly to launch Cricket 19 - The Official Game of the Ashes. Building on the fan-favourite Ashes Cricket, Cricket 19 features all formats of the international game (Test, One Day and T20) and both men’s and women’s teams, with all the grounds and stadiums that host the matches as well. This includes the Specsavers Ashes, fully licensed for both England and Australia. But that’s just scratching the surface of this year’s title.

Deep enhancements to the AI engine mean that the opposition is more realistic than ever before. When bowling, the AI will suss out your player and team’s weaknesses, and target that with a concentrated bowling strategy. When batting, the AI will rotate the strike to protect weaker players, and actively look for gaps in the field.

New features to be added to Cricket 19 include a scenario mode, which allows players to recreate the greatest matches in history, and then share them online to challenge other players to achieve difficult run-chases or play out a draw from a disastrous situation. Enhancements to the career mode build a story around your player; how you look in the news headlines affects your potential career trajectory.

For the first time ever, a deep, rich cricket simulation will also be playable on the go. Cricket 19 will be available on the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to play both single player and multiplayer anywhere, anytime.

With the Cricket World Cup also being staged this summer, it is going to be a bonanza time for cricket fans - So, whatever you are thinking of playing, there are lots of tips on how to play and fun to be had – Happy Gaming.

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