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Online Sports Betting in India – How Does it Work?


Online Sports Betting in India – How Does it Work?


Sports betting is one of the gambling forms that makes its way to the online gambling world. Today, Indians can participate in online sports betting through credible online bookmarker. Betting on sport is not a new thing; it has been around for many decades, and sports bettor can get enough of it. Indians, in particular, love placing bets on sports and other things. However, the gambling laws in India are dated, which imposed a challenge for Indians bettors. Fortunately, some states in India already legalized gambling, but the thing is, not all Indians know how online betting works. 


Online sports betting in India is meant to address the difficulties faced by Indian bettors. We are going to discuss how online betting works in India. First, we will discuss Indian gambling laws. India has a strict gambling law, but the thing is, it made no mention of online gambling as such law is dated and created way before the internet world. Therefore, if you plan to engage in online sports betting, you must first know the law to be certain you are not breaking any law. 


To shed light on India’s online gambling law, every Indian state was given the freedom to regulate online gambling. Hence, it is safe to say that online gambling is legal in some states while illegal in others. In states where online gambling is illegal, gamblers can participate in online gambling discretely, provided the casino server is located outside India’s jurisdiction. Although online gambling law in India is uncertain, one thing is for sure, Indians love gambling, and it is one of the thriving sectors in times of pandemic. 


Popular sports to bet on in India.


Indians love to bet on different sports, including eSports, but the most favourite is horse racing and cricket. Sports betting sites in India have a wide array of cricket matches available for Indian gamblers. For sports bettors who are not fond of cricket, there are other sports to bet on, including hockey, basketball, boxing, and soccer, to name a few. Below are further details about India’s popular sports to place a bet on:


· Cricket – It is without a doubt that cricket is one of the ultimate favourites of Indian bettors. India has huge cricket betting traffic. A mobile betting system is primarily used for betting on cricket, although there are available web-based betting sites. Cricket betting comes in three primary formats: State/Regional Domestic Cricket, International/Domestic Cricket, and T20 Cricket. 

· Football – It is ironic to know that Indian punters wager more on football than cricket, as the latter is the most famous sports in the country. One of the reasons for the popularity of football in the online sports betting sector is the simplicity of the game. There is an extensive market for online bookmakers in India, and some of the most popular ones include corner bets, match betting, and goal scorer. 

· Hockey – It is the national sport of India, and many people wager on it. India hosts the biggest hockey events in the world, and betting in hockey has a strong online presence. Although it is a wonderful sport to place a bet on, you have to remember that betting on hockey comes with a high risk, even higher when compared to other sports. 


Finding the best online betting sites in India


As more and more states in India allow online gambling, many sports betting sites started to offer online betting. However, you have to be certain as not all sports betting sites can be trusted. Some sites aim to get your personal and financial information, and you have to refrain from such sites. Hence, it is of utmost importance to do thorough research to find the best online sports betting site in India. Take the time to read reviews made by unbiased sites, as they can lead you closer to finding the best online sports betting site in India.


There are certain parameters to check when choosing an online sports betting site, such as the credibility and reputation of the site, the bonuses, campaigns, promotions, sports betting options, payment solutions, and customer service. Not all online sports betting sites offer convenience and comfort to Indian punters, but there are a few online sites specially designed for Indian gamblers. When choosing an online sports betting site, you have to take into consideration the parameters mentioned above and see to it that it ticks all the boxes. The best online sports betting site gives you a vast option of games to bet on without compromising the comfort and convenience of Indian punters. Online sports betting sites are meant to offer fun and entertainment for Indian punters anytime and anywhere they want to. 


Final Thought


Sports betting is a big thing in India, with roughly around RS 4 billion spent on online sports betting. The figure continues to grow even more, and it is not surprising to know why. Hundreds of millions of Indians follow sports yearly, and online sportsbook enable them to participate in sports betting activities in a wide array of sporting events. Some players bet on single games as long as the odds are favourable. The majority of gamblers place bets on a long shot; although risky, the rewards are high. Online sports betting also offers live sports betting, enabling you to place a bet on real-time games. 


The availability of online sports betting sites has enabled punters to place bets on their favourite sports anytime and anywhere they want to. Many sports betting sites are very welcoming to Indian punters. They allow Indians to place a bet on a wide array of sports, emphasizing safety, security, and responsible gambling. They also offer generous welcome bonuses, so you might as well take advantage of such promotional offers. Almost all sports betting sites in India offer a 100% deposit match up bonus, which is a good thing as it can help jumpstart your online betting journey without risking your money. 

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