PCB failed to device a proper strategy to deal with Younis Khan - Aamir Sohail

PCB failed to device a proper strategy to deal with Younis Khan - Aamir Sohail
Younis Khan earlier abandoned the Pakistan cup showing his displeasure against umpiring decisions.
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Former Pakistan skipper Aamir Sohail feels that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) over the years has failed to prepare a proper strategy to deal with Younis Khan in the wake of his recent behaviour in the Pakistan Cup.

After showing dissent against the umpire’s decision, Khan was fined by the match referee and was asked to appear for a hearing, but the right hander opted to leave the team and abandon the tournament.

Following this, the PCB issued a show cause notice and even though Khan apologised, the board took a strong stance and banned him from the tournament.

Nevertheless, Khan tendered a second apology following which the PCB chairman Shahryar Khan has allowed him to play the tournament.

Writing in his blog for PakPassion.net, Sohail feels that there must have been a reason why Khan took such a drastic decision at this stage of his career.

Sohail also expressed that the PCB must listen to Khan and understand his problem instead of taking authoritative steps by slapping a show cause notice.

“Knives are out for Younis Khan based upon what we have heard so far but let’s think sensibly for a moment.

“At this stage of his career, what would he gain from acting in this way?

“If Younis is expressing his displeasure at what he deems to be wrong with Pakistan Cricket, then he is not doing that for himself.

“We have to understand that line of reasoning.

“What must he be going through in his mind that he has to take such a drastic action? He has taken a stand on what he deems to be a problem with Pakistan cricket.

“What he is saying in a way is that enough is enough and I have had it with watching Pakistan cricket being run in this unprofessional way.

“And yes, the manner in which he has chosen to express his frustration may not be ideal but instead of slapping him with a show-cause notice, would it not be a better strategy by the PCB to listen to him and understand the basis of his grievance?

“We have now seen the outcome of the whole process and PCB’s confusion in its decision making process is there for all to see.”

Khan has had a troubled past with the PCB where he has been involved in a number of confrontations with the board.

In 2014, Khan expressed his displeasure against the Pakistan selectors after he was dropped from the One-Day International squad for the series against Australia.

Most recently, during the ODI series against England in 2015, Khan suddenly announced his retirement from the format after the first match though he was selected for the entire campaign.

Criticising the PCB for not having learnt from their mistakes in dealing with Khan, Sohail stated that each player requires a different approach.

Unless PCB develops a way to handle each player separately based on their strengths and weaknesses, Sohail observes that it will be tough for the board to get the proper results.

“It is also true that this is not the first time that Younis Khan has been involved in such as situation.

“But have the PCB learnt from it and have they got a strategy to deal with it in a structured manner?

“There are many types of individuals and as an organization, the PCB has to learn or devise a plan to handle such a person in an appropriate manner.

“What the various Younis Khan episodes tells me is that throughout his career, the PCB have not had a proper way to handle him.

“Each person requires handling in a separate manner but you need to have a strategy.

“Put simplistically, you cannot treat a mule like a horse and vice versa.

“Each animal has a different purpose and the manner in which benefit is derived from them is also different.

“If you don’t work that out, then the results will not be to your liking.

“PCB has failed to derive the right strategy to deal with Younis Khan, that’s all there is to it.”

Khan is now cleared to join the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa side and can play in the final of the Pakistan Cup as the team qualified after beating Sindh by seven runs on Wednesday.

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