Pick Of The Day - 'Bookie Song' by Song Singh

IPL 7 is all set to kickstart today.

So Song Singh thinks it is the right moment to launch a music video titled "Bookie Song".

It's a sarcastic take on match-fixing and spot-fixing.

As he says at the start, while betting on cricket may be illegal, singing about it certainly isn't!


Music: Donan Murray
Singer: Song Singh aka Aswin Rao
Lyrics: Anantha Narayan
Producer: Lucifer Labs Records
Production House: Bootlegger's Island
Director: Anantha Narayan
Director of Photography: Rajesh Bajaj
Editing Studio: Apple Curry
Editing: Rajesh Bajaj
Art Director: Remy Francois Sabah
Everything Else: The comrades at Bootlegger's Island.

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