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Players need to make adjustments to regulations in bat sizes - Sachin Tendulkar

Former Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar feels that the modern-day players need to find a way to adjust themselves to the regulations which are set to be brought about to limit the size of cricket bats.

The Marylebone Cricket Club World Cricket Committee has recently stated that it intends to bring about a change in the law to limit the size of the cricket bats, including the edges and the depth.

Tendulkar, who played the majority of his career with a heavy bat, reminisced how he had to make adjustments early in his career so that he and his brother were able to use the same bat.

“I played with a heavy bat and there was a reason for that.

“Me and my elder brother, when we started playing, we had one bat and it was his bat.

“To make that bat feel lighter, I had to hold right at the bottom so that the weight was not out of control.
“I developed the bat swing and that is how I started playing with the heavy bat.”

Furthermore, Tendulkar feels that the current day cricket bats are a lot different from those he wielded during his playing days.

“Players will have to make adjustments.

"The size of the bats that I played with and what are seen today are different.

“It is all about developing equipment. Bats have certainly developed a lot.

“Ball is one area where not many changes have taken place.”

The ongoing debate on regulating the bat sizes has drawn mixed reactions from current and former cricketers, with players like Ricky Ponting in support of the move while the likes of David Warner have opposed the idea.

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