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Postponement of Social Justice and Nation Building Hearings


The Interim Board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) met today with the Transformation Ombud, Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza SC, regarding the Social Justice and Nation Building (SJN) project.

The Board reiterated its support for the project and for the Office of the Ombud.

Public hearings were set to start tomorrow. Both the Board and the Ombud are eager to ensure a fair and transparent process for all who participate in the proposed hearings.

After much fruitful discussion, it was agreed that the public hearings convened for tomorrow, be postponed.

The SJN, an initiative of the previous Board and renegotiated with Adv Ntsebeza, is intended to help CSA understand the challenges to transformation and more specifically how to avoid past mistakes.

The Ombud said: “The process is on track, however it has become clear that there needs to be clarity regarding the process of any public hearings. Failure to do so may compromise the legitimacy of any process embarked upon. My Office will therefore be taking legal counsel as regards a proper process for any such hearings. I therefore welcome the postponement to ensure such procedural fairness.”

Chair of the Interim Board, Stavros Nicolaou said: “Transformation is a national, not only a sporting imperative and CSA remains firmly committed to the deep work of transforming sport and society. We are grateful to the Ombud for his commitment to the process and to those who have sought to participate in it. We have agreed with the Ombud that further legal clarity regarding the proposed hearings is imperative. Once we have such clarity, the process will continue.”

The Board is, therefore, engaging with the Ombud regarding the proposed public hearings, process and related legal matters.