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Punjab T10 League introduces Player Fire Power feature for first-ever time in cricket

©Punjab T10
©Punjab T10

The Punjab T10 League has introduced a Player Fire Power feature for first-ever time in cricket. Player Fire Power (know your player strength) will enable fans to make educated fantasy picks and take their success rate to a whole new level.

Punjab T10 cricket league has brought in a new innovation in cricket. The fire power meter has been introduced particularly with the fantasy fan base in mind.

T10 cricket is a game of fours and sixes more than anything else. The team smashing the ball to the boundary, or over it, more times than the opposition inevitably walks back with the victory.

With that in mind, the innovative minds at Punjab T10 cricket league have brought in the fire power metre which will enable fans to compare the players on the basis of their hitting ability. With more points on offer for more runs scored, and in effect more boundaries hit, those opting for the new feature will invariably benefit in terms of their fantasy scores.

A first in cricket, the innovation aims at bringing in more data-driven decision making into the game. This will not replace but add to the hunch or the gut feel of the participating fan base.

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