Put The Best To The Test This Winter

Put The Best To The Test This Winter
Put The Best To The Test This Winter

Even the fittest amongst us suffers from muscle and joint aches and pains, especially as the temperature plummets and the sunny days of summer become a distant memory.

Everyone deals with strains and sprains in different ways, from warm bubble baths to popping ibuprofen, but a newly formulated muscle and joint rub could be the answer in the battle against aches and pains.

Whilst Blue Active Gel has been around for a few years it has recently been re-launched with a new formula, and the result (according to two independent tests looking at the effectiveness of muscle and joint rubs available on the market, including the likes of Deep Heat, Radian B, Tiger Balm and Voltarol) is the most effective muscle and joint rub available.

The gel stands apart from its competitors on two main points; firstly it is the only ‘dual’ action rub available - it cools the affected area instantaneously, whilst its soothing effects last for hours. Secondly it achieves this through the use of natural active ingredients, on which the new formula certainly doesn’t scrimp:

Aloe Vera: Used for its claimed anti-inflammatory effects
Glucosamine Sulphate: Well known and documented to help with the maintenance of healthy joints
MSM: A naturally occurring sulphur containing compound. Studies point towards MSM being a natural pain reliever and helping with joint health
Golden Emu Oil: Famed around the world for its powerful soothing properties
Willow Bark: Traditionally used by herbalists for treating pain
Witch Hazel: Has claimed anti-inflammatory properties
Menthol: Has a powerful cooling effect associated with anti-inflammatory properties
Capsicum: Has claimed pain reducing properties
Chamomile: Has calming and soothing properties
Tilia Cordata: Has further calming properties

With this incredible combination of ingredients it’s not surprising that the result has received such massive results and praise.

The gel has already received praise from everyone, from international athletes, leading therapists to weekend gardeners and recreational joggers. Basically if you want to stay active this winter then Blue Active Gel is for you.