Q&A - Ben Scott And Dirk Nannes

BEN SCOTT - Middlesex CCC, squad number 22

Q.) An amazing performance by you with the gloves on finals day! Do you feel this was your best performance of the season so far?

A.) In terms of keeping my nerve and handling pressure it rates right up there. Standing up to the stumps in the last over when there wasn't many needed was a real test.

Q.) Where were you running off to when Tyron bowled the penultimate ball of the last over in the final?

A.) Azhar was backing up very far down the pitch so when I got the ball in my gloves I didn't want to 'Malan it' all over again so I decided to run at the stumps to make sure he got back in his crease.

Q.) Any truth in the rumour that you enjoyed playing the piano in somewhat minimal attire back at the team hotel after the winner's party?

A.) No truth what so ever although it was cold in there!?

Q.) What will be your lasting memory from the finals day?

A.) That last over for sure, the tension, the pressure, the exhaustion of playing 2 games back to back at full throttle then the last ball going straight back to Tyron, an awesome feeling.

Q.) Your name has been mentioned in certain circles as a future glove man for England - do you feel you've done enough to warrant selection yet, or is there more to come from Ben Scott?

A.) There is definitely more to come from me! I pride myself on high standards with the gloves and this year have been hitting the ball well and making some consistent runs as well.

Q.) Expain your thoughts as Dawid's swinging throw from the outfield in the final over went sailing over your head towards to opposite boundary?

A.) What a ‘wally', everyone knows to hold the ball cross seam when throwing the ball in to the keeper... ..........don't they!!!!!! It's one of those things, it all happens so quickly he got the ball in his hands and tried to get it in as quickly as possible! You can't blame him for that, but as the ball got further and further away from me I started to think that was the final gone, until the heroics of Nannes and Murtagh kept us in with a shout. What people may not have realised is that when Murts threw the ball back in I was still on the floor head in the ground and Tyron was facing the other way with his head in his hands, there was no one behind the stumps. I had to scamper back to the stumps otherwise more disaster loomed.


DIRK NANNES - Middlesex CCC, squad number 30

Q.) You've been instrumental to Middlesex's Twenty20 success this year with some key performances - what rates as the highlight of your own T20 season?

A.) The hatrick I got at Chelmsford was definitely my own personal highlight - especially as my parents and family fortunately happened to be watching, so it was good to have them around as well. Otherwise it was Kartik's and Shaggy's efforts throughout the tournament, and of course that knock from Malan in the quarter final.

Q.) Getting injured at a critical time of the T20 campaign must have been hard for you - it must have been great though to recover in time to experience the finals day?

A.) I hate getting injured. I always enjoy 20/20 cricket, and to miss out on any games is hard. It was great to be back for the finals - days like that are the reason you play the game.

Q.) What were you thinking as you chased after Dawid Malan's swinging overthrow in the final over and have you ever run that fast before?

A.) I wasn't really thinking about the game situation at all - just that I had to chase the bloody thing down! My money was definitely on the ball beating me to the rope because I am a crap runner, but thankfully I managed to get there and stop it in time.

Q.) How does your experience at finals day at the Rosebowl compare with the previous Twenty20 experiences you've had in Australia?

A.) Every finals day is special for different reasons. The finals in Australia were different because we were playing in front of a packed house at the WACA with roughly 30,000 watching and there were only about 5 people supporting Victoria. Luckily on that night we killed the game pretty quickly, and for most of the night the game was going our way. The Rose Bowl was a little different, because the whole time during our bowling innings you could have put your money either way. In the end, it was a bloody good game of cricket, and definitely something that highlights what's so good about the game.

Q.) What will be your lasting memory from the finals day?

A.) Watching that throw from the boundary.

Q.) What do you feel has been the key to Middlesex's success in this year's competition?
A.) Our bowling - OK, I'm a little biased, but we have had some brilliant performances with the ball throughout the tournament. Our variety, and the way our bowlers were used in short spells meant that batsman were never settled. We had it all, offie's from Shaggy, left arm spin from Kartik, quickies from myself and Finny, swing from Murtagh and great variation from Tyron. You won't find many better bowling line ups in domestic cricket anywhere in the world.

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