Q&A - Steven Fletcher (Middlesex PR) and Lorraine Poole (Commercial and Events)

STEVEN FLETCHER - Middlesex CCC, PR and Marketing Representative

Q.) Having been involved in the promotion of the Twenty20 campaign throughout the season, you must have been particularly excited about the build up to finals day itself. What was it like?

A.) I've spent the entire season heavily publicising the ‘Turn Lord's Pink' theme, to show support for our partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer. For me, a real highlight (apart from the cup win of course) was turning up at the Rosebowl on finals day and seeing a sea of pink everywhere! Pink wigs, pink t-shirts, pink beards, pink hard hats, pink foam hands, pink 4 and 6 cards, pink hair and even three blokes sporting pink mini dresses - just lovely! It was such an amazing sight to see so much pink and to see that the campaign was being so well supported by all of Middlesex's fans! The Middlesex fans chants of "Pink Army, Pink Army" also really made me giggle! Breakthrough must have been thrilled with the campaign!

Q.) What experiences can you share from the finals day itself?

A.) Arrived early on the team bus and was asked to help the coaching staff carry equipment up to the players changing room, whilst being clad from head to toe in pink, including a large pink afro wig - this got some very strange looks as we walked past Rosebowl security, who took some convincing that I was actually with the Middlesex team! Managed to catch the first semi-final, but then had to disappear promptly to the pavilion to help our mascot "The Pink Knight-Mare" get into costume! Credit to him for coming second in the mascot's race in blistering heat and shame on him for coming last in the ‘dance off' heats! After that it was back to the seats to watch our two matches; followed by lots of nail biting, the occasional pint, plenty of cheering and plenty of after match celebrations at the winner's party in the Rosebowl changing rooms - which inevitably included a few more pints!! Got to hold the cup aloft and give it a well earned kiss, got to see a padded up Harry Potter get thrown off the Rosebowl square by Green Team stewards whilst being bowled at by Ally Mulally in the dark and got to meet the legend that is Beefy Botham! Got on a very loud and very happy team bus back to the team hotel and made a rapid departure off to bed, feeling a tad worse for wear! A truly, truly brilliant day for all involved!



 LORRAINE POOLE - Middlesex CCC, Commercial and Events Manager

Q.) How exciting has it been to be involved at the club throughout such a success story? 

A.) It has literally been unbelievable - I was so excited we were in the finals day, I really didn't think we'd win it (sorry boys), so I was just looking forward to an enjoyable day of cricket, watching Middlesex and not having to work! The added bonus of the Club raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer throughout the T20 campaign is also another feel good factor for everyone involved, we've nearly raised as much as we did in 2007 already, as each game we progressed in the competition helped raise more money for a great charity.

 Q.) Having worked so hard behind the scenes this season, what was it like watching the final at the Rosebowl as it all unraveled in front of you? 

A.) Its all a bit of a blur -  When we won the semi - and so easily, I started to believe we could win the final, but I made myself not get my hopes up! The final over was so painful. All the Middlesex staff and our families were sitting together, unfortunately surrounded by Kent fans, so the upper hand cheering between the two sets of fans was changing every ball!! When Malan had the unfortunate overthrow, I thought that was it, and I literally couldn't watch. I opened my eyes for that last ball to see it go straight back to Tyron but didn't believe it until I saw the bails knocked off! - then it was just pandemonium! We soon left our seats and got over to the dressing rooms as quickly as we could to congratulate all the players - it was just fantastic.
Q.) What's the atmosphere been like at the club since the cup win? 

A.) Busy but amazing! The first week was mayhem, with lots and lots of people ringing and writing to congratulate, but also lots of extra work to do - trips to Antigua to organise etc! We've had one home game since the win and we made the cup available for supporters to have their photo taken with it - which loads of people did - and everyone had a story to tell about watching the final. The atmosphere around Lord's has been great.
Q.) What's the lasting memory that you'll take away from finals day? 

A.) Pink wigs, champagne and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe in our dressing room for the party after the match!

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