Q&A - Tim Murtagh And Ed Joyce

TIM MURTAGH - Middlesex CCC, squad number 34

Q.) Having already experienced two semi finals and one quarter final with Surrey in the Twenty20, do you now have a feeling of fulfilment having won the cup with Middlesex?

A.) Definitely a feeling of fulfillment, going one step further this time with Middlesex. I played in all of the games in the 2003 comp with Surrey, right up until final where I got left out of the side. This without doubt gave me that little bit of extra motivation to prove to others that I could admirably perform on big day.

Q.) Would you rate your last over in the final as one of the best you've ever bowled given the pressure you must have been under? 

A.) Yeah, without doubt my last over was up there with the most pressurised overs I've ever had to bowl. I really felt that it was my time to step up and help get us over the line. I tried to mix it up, bowing a couple of slower balls which could have gone anywhere frankly, but luckily I held my nerve. I have been in that position before in other one day games, when things haven't gone quite so well and was determined not to walk off feeling that way again.

Q.) We're told that you're one of the jokers in the squad, so we thought we'd ask you to talk us through the winner's party and celebrations back at the team hotel - there must have been some funny goings on that you can tell us about?

A.) Somehow Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter ended up in the changing rooms drinking champagne and celebrating with us all? I just remember walking round with the trophy topping it up with champagne for everyone to drink out of. Then on the team bus back to our hotel, there was lots of singing and dancing. Kent were staying in same hotel as us, which could have been interesting, however we ended up in the bar with some of their boys all night, who were playing the piano in some very interesting attire. Everyone stayed together which was important on a night like that, with a few of us lasting the whole night long, then going to breakfast with our medals still proudly round our necks, and some of us still in our playing kits!

Q.) What will be your lasting memory from the finals day?

A.) My lasting memories for the day were just running up to Shaun ‘Shaggy' Udal after that last ball and jumping on him and hugging each other, screaming in joy that we had done it. It really was a perfect day all round; the sun shone all day and everyone in our team contributed at some point in the day

Q.) You must be looking forward to Antigua now! How do you feel Middlesex will fair against the three sides you'll be playing there?

A.) The whole club is looking forward to Antigua. I feel we deserve to be there and played the best and most consistent Twenty20 cricket of all teams in country. I think we have a massive chance to show our skills on the worldwide stage now and if we play as we have done so thus far, we will I have no doubt surprise a few people in those 3 games.


ED JOYCE - Middlesex CCC, squad number 24

Q.) Talk us through your feelings when 'that catch' went down in the final? Did you feel like you'd dropped the cup or did you still feel that you were in control of the game?

A.) My initial feeling was that I had dropped the cup but when I'd calmed down a bit a few minutes later, I still thought we were in the box seat. Saying that, it would have made life a lot simpler if I'd just caught in the first place! 

Q.) How does playing and winning in the final at the Rosebowl compare to anything else you've experienced in your career before?

A.) The whole day at the Rose Bowl was probably the most enjoyable day of cricket I've ever had in a Middlesex shirt. There was a massive crowd with lots of Middlesex support, the sun was out and of course we won. To cap it all, I got to lift the trophy which was an amazing feeling.

Q.) On the surface you appeared pretty calm towards the end of the final - how were you feeling inside and explain the elation you felt as Tyron bowled that last dot ball to win the game?

A.) I was reasonably calm because I had done all I could and it was simply down to the guy with the ball in his hand to put it in the right place. Saying that, I was completely emotionally drained when the game was over because I'd basically lived every ball of the entire day up to that point! I couldn't quite believe it when Tyron bowled the last ball and it was a dot. It all seemed a little bit surreal and I just remember sprinting as hard as I could towards Hendo and giving him a bear hug.
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