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Quick Feet Drills for Movement in Batting and Fielding

Geoffrey Boycott, more renowned for his orthodox style of batting was utterly fastidious on his footwork when at the crease.

Boycott and his peer at that time, Sunil Gavaskar were the role model of copy book cricket with immaculate footwork.

Good footwork sounds nice. But one got to know that good foot work doesn’t come from heaven. One has to work for it. During their time Boycotts and Gavaskars used to do skipping with a skipping rope for a better feet movement.

In this episode I have demonstrated two drills. The first one deals with footwork specific to batsman and wicket keepers, the second more for the fielders.

The essence of quick feet movement is a good base of support and nice centre of gravity. Centre of gravity in simple words is balancing point. Standing with legs about a hip width apart creates good balance. Then staying on the ball of the feet, a point right under the metatarsal bone is another key point to address. These two ensures that one can move forward or back quickly.

Band resisted (Kinetic band or loop band) Ladder quick feet.

Target: Develop stationary lateral and forward quick feet movement.
Equipment required: A loop or K-band and a speed ladder
Technical Cue: Tap the outside foot twice on the ground as quick as possible and simultaneously bring the leg in and out of the ladder. Synchronising the tap and shifting the leg in and out is the challenge.
Start with moderate speed and once the synchronising happens, shift gear and ramp up speed.
Reps and sets: 15 seconds for one set. Rest 45 sec-1 minute. Do 6 sets

Quick feet, speed-agility & target hitting

Target: Develop quick feet on the move and proceed to sports specific
Equipments required:
Set-up: Place a speed ladder at the start. 10 metres from the start place a cone. Place a stump at 10 metres from the centre cone. Keep a cricket ball at the centre cone.
Technical cue: When on the move with in-out quick feet keep a hip width gap between the legs. As you approach both the centre cone and afterwards the target stump for the turn reduce the speed a bit. Positioning of the feet with a right centre of gravity will ensure good balance and acceleration speed for stop and start movement.

Reps and sets: After every repetition rest for 10 seconds. Do 6 reps. Then rest 2 minutes and follow this process 3 times.