Around The Grounds: Rainy Days, Events and Youth Cricket

©Judd CC

A lot of games were rained out over the weekend which have been included in our Club Results and Fixtures section, which ranges from announcement of games being called off to Rainbows forming near the pitch!

Plenty did manage to get on the field though, which either resulted in a good game, or eventually being called off anyway. If your club manage to get in any games, let us know.

Club Events are second in this weeks Around the Grounds, featuring drinking night shenanigans, BBQ's despite the weather and social gatherings.

We also dedicated a section to Club News and Announcements. It seems everyone had a birthday this weekend, with around 10 different people being wished Happy Birthday! There were also some pitch updates, club social meetings and pretty much any club related news.

Finally, we have a section for all the other tweets. If they didn't fit in a section they are in here, take a look through and you may find your own!

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