Renovation Work Starts At Worcester's New Road

The renovation of the decimated playing area at New Road has started. The surface of the square has been skimmed to a depth of 7mm to get rid of all the unwanted grass, thatch and contaminants before it is scarified and seeded. The practice area will receive the same treatment. The outfield will be similarly treated to a depth of 21mm. After that 250 tonnes of top dressing and 1000kgs of seed will be applied. Whilst the work on the outfield is being undertaken, additional underground drainage will be installed at the Pavilion side of the ground. Head Groundsman, Tim Packwood, explains, "The severity of the deposits left from the 2nd highest flood ever at New Road has actually given us the opportunity to carry out some very extensive renovation to the entire playing area. It is very strange to see the ground looking like a ploughed field at this time of year but we have to take a long term view and try to repair it in time for the 2008 season. The cost for this work alone will pass the £50,000 mark but I do believe we will end up with better wickets and a quicker drying outfield in the future. We need to take advantage of the growing period over the next three months and establish a strong grass growth before the winter sets in." © Worcestershire CCC
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