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Resistance Catching Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV with his latest resistance catching drills. Catching is an important part of cricket fielding, so try these training tips.

Drill set up

  • Take two cones, one pole, one spring stump, one monster rubber band with good resistance and 15-20 soft cricket balls.
  • At the pole a person would hold the resistance band tied at the waist of the performer of the drill.
  • Place one cone diagonally at a distance of two big strides which is roughly equal to 2 metres to the left.
  • In the same way place one more cone diagonally at a same distance right opposite to the first cone. This forms a figure of triangle.
  • From the pole place the spring stump in a straight line at a distance of 10 metres.
  • The coach stands at the spring stump. 
  • Keep the balls near the spring stumps.

Technical Cues

  • While approaching the left or right cone at the time of taking catches establish a nice and stable base. Otherwise you may fall over.
  • This happens by placing the legs more than hip width apart.
  • During lateral move keep both the toes front on. Do not externally rotate the knee of the leading leg.
  • That will slow you down.

Reps and sets

  • Total 8+8 = 16 catches at the two sides comprises one rep.
  • Rest for 3 minutes
  • Do 3-5 reps
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