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Return to Cricket: Grantham CC - A Club Diary – Week Five

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It’s week five on the ‘Return to Cricket’ road for Grantham CC and it’s Wednesday morning and I have slept well.

Had a funny dream.....

I was listening to Top of the Pops and we had a new number one - with a chart bursting single entitled Bad Decisions by an new band called Boris and the Natural Vectors which was quite catchy but really stuck in the throat. Number two was another new entry entitled Ineffective Leadership by another new band called ECB and the Wasters which was very odd as a silent ditty.... Not a patch on Viv and the Drifters....

And then I woke up....If only it had been a dream.....

There can surely have never been a more ineffective governing body that has shown so little interest in protecting and supporting the grass roots it relies upon.

 For the ECB press release to mention Basketball - which is a massive physical contact sport with lots of sweaty bodies all over each other and a big ball that is played indoors - .well even the most placid cricket fan and committee member could not believe it. There is only so much rubbish the average cricket lover can take in one day!


Back at Grantham CC ..

We have made great progress with the ground and sorting out the bar and planning for hosting all sorts of events when the lights turn green.

Had an excellent response to the Junior festivals mentioned last week - from clubs in both Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Training is back for Juniors and well received and seniors as well. The collective desire to play meaningful competitive cricket throughout the club is very high with at least three full sides wanting to play on Saturday.

Let’s hope common sense prevails soonest and we can get on with life.

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