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Return to Cricket: Grantham CC - A Club Diary – Week Seven

Grantham CC
Grantham CC
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It’s week seven on the ‘Return to Cricket’ road for Grantham CC and the club could scarcely be more surprised.....

Well after all this time .....

It is hard to find the appropriate word to describe the events of the last week. I gave up!

Cricket is suddenly being rushed along and that is wonderful news.

We shall all enjoy the weekend providing the sun shines.

At Grantham we have spent the morning making the pavilion ready for Covid cricket and attempting to comply with all the necessary requirements to be safe and socially distanced while we do it. The efforts of the back room team to make all this happen have been amazing so big thanks to Jo and Dan. The Pavillion has been recleaned and re Zoonod and tomorrow we have an internal match as a run through for a friendly the following week.

Covid 19 has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that things are not as they should be in English Cricket - let’s hope that someone finally takes the lead to provide a structure that actually provides a pathway to go forward in a coherent fashion. Among the many words written by the many commentators there has has not been a single coherent strategy for the restructure of English Cricket. The proposals set out in my article seem more relevant and appropriate than ever as the grapevine tells us that some First Class Counties will not survive in their current format.

When put under pressure the governing body was not fit for purpose and the structure has creaked - it is Time for Change. It is also time for Cricket and time to stop writing diaries - for now.

Wish for the week - please will the sunshine and cricket without a cheese and pickle sandwich is still worth playing !

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