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Return to Cricket: Grantham CC - A Club Diary – Week Three

Renovated Nets
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Risk Assessment Document
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It’s week three on the ‘Return to Cricket’ road for Grantham CC and we have held our breath and waited for the latest update from the ECB in the hope of leadership...

And what did we get - in the words of Frankie - absolutely NOTHING!


Footballers (Premier League) can play full contact football...

Shopping centres can open....

Non-essential retail can open...

I can go shopping in Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s


But 24 people can’t play cricket on three acres on a sunny afternoon. And what do the ECB do - they say that’s fine. It is not FINE at all. It is the safe easy option which does not serve this great game at all well. When cricket could safely lead the nation yet again we follow like sheep...


For the last two weeks my wish has been for leadership from the ECB.

I have decided I just don’t have enough birthdays waiting for this to happen so we will just lead ourselves.


Please see the download of our detailed Grantham Cricket Club Risk assessment of the current rules. The nets are open, we are conforming, we are using our Zoono, we have cleaned out pavilion and toilets, we go to great trouble and then it rains and rains and rains !


Typical ,but we are underway.


Team training within the guidelines will start on 22nd June


And as soon as possible this cricket club will have an internal socially distanced internal cricket match for which preparations are now fully underway. We will lead and prove that it is more dangerous to buy a yoghurt in Morrison’s and a Chicken in Sainsbury’s than it is to play a cricket match with 24 people on three acres in the fresh air!


We will do the ECB job for them and show the world you can safely play a cricket match.

The plan will be to have juniors at 1.00 pm in an 18 over match and seniors at 3.00 in a 30 over match.


And as a social membership club we will sell beers and drinks for people to sit in a social distancing environment and watch.


Will update you next week as plans develop...


Let’s get on with life ....