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Return to Cricket: Grantham CC - A Club Diary

Getting the nets ready at Grantham CC
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Return to Cricket for Grantham CC - A Club Diary ..... Follow the club as it prepares for their return to cricket....

May 29th 2020 

Final preparations are being made so that the club can be ready for opening the outdoor nets on Monday 1st June at 16.00. We have five nets and three are open with nets 2 and 4 sealed off. The nets are being sprayed and rolled, and new white sightscreens are being added between booths to improve safety and visibility.

The new membership card system has been rolled out and all members are now able to book one session of one hour per week. The Skedda booking system should work really well. The nets are open 4 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 16.00 to 20.00 and then 10.00 to 15.00 on Saturday and Sunday. We have set this for three weeks and will see how demand matches supply. Will be interesting. The Pavilion has been deep cleaned, and steamed and fogged with the professional cleaning product Zoono by Rawlins Ltd which clears all surfaces from Covid-19 for 30 days.

The Zoono cleaning products by Rawlins www.rawlins.co.uk - [email protected] - are really helping - the hand wash is compulsory for anyone entering the ground or the pavilion and keeps your hands Covid-free for 24 hours after use. We have even had the stumps fogged to make sure they are Covid-free before going back into the nets!

All cricketers must arrive with their own kit and own ball and can net with same household members OR  two people from separate households can share a net, maintain social distance of 2m.  Everyone on site must remain 2m away from anyone they do not share a household with.

We shall see how it goes - all net sessions are being managed by a committee member who is on site at all times. We are getting a wicket ready for our own internal use for Saturday 27th June and very much hope that the rules allow us to play an internal match. Preparations for junior cricket festivals are in hand for August for 8 teams and we hope the rules will allow that as well. We may not be able to host our first class matches this year but we will do all we can to play some cricket.

Wish for the week. Please reduce social distancing to one metre and could someone at the ECB please lead and not just follow?

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