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Return to Cricket: ‘SAFE’ net session and training ideas for a Return to Cricket

What will 'SAFE' cricket training sessions look like?
What will 'SAFE' cricket training sessions look like?

Here are the first in a series of suggested ‘SAFE’ net session and training ideas for a Return to Cricket – always bearing in the mind the following and social distancing guidance...

-              Face masks for coaches / umpires

-              Disposable gloves for coaches & participants

-              Social distancing marked out with cones/discs

-              Appropriate Outdoor/Indoor refreshments and toilet facilities

-              Hand washing facilities on site (before and after practice)

-              Sanitising gel

-              Most at risk groups asked to respect government advice

-              No sharing of equipment


Net sessions:

- Three per net. Two bowlers with run ups over 2m apart (spinner and seamer). Each bowler uses and collects their own different coloured ball (pink, red, white, red & white)- disinfected after each session.

- Coaches set up coned area for bowlers to wait in after each delivery

- No sharing of batting kit or balls


Fielding sessions:

- Work in triangles on throwing, catching & ground fielding (Each fielder has their own specific colour ball and it’s hit back to them by the coach after receiving throw).


Batting sessions:

- Bowling machine use pairs or 1:1 (coach collects and feeds balls) safest & easier practice to run


Competitive inter club/school cricket:

- Set skill challenges to ensure pupils are motivated

- Skill challenges to include:

Stump hitting

Range hitting (grounds team set up a javelin range area) hit the ball as far as possible off bowling machine Distance throwing (measured in the range) Distance catching (10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m etc) Running between the wickets contest

Return to Cricket: what will recreational cricket look like when the Covid-19 ‘Lockdown’ eases?

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