Ross Taylor on Being Sussex CCC's Captain

We got the chance to speak to Sussex CCC's captain Ross Taylor as the Natwest T20 Blast gets underway. We spoke about their chances, T20 cricket and even the bats he uses!

With Ross Taylor captaining Sussex CCC into the Natwest T20 Blast we started with that

"It’s good to be back, obviously a little extra responsibility being captain but I’m enjoying it. Pretty fast and fanatic T20 campaign, need to find a style that suits our game and I think we’ll do well"

What does Ross make of their strong bowling side

"Tymal Mills may be out for the first 4-5 games, with the impact he had last year and the hype around the money he went for in the IPL I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to getting over his injury and having another good year. It does give an opportunity for other bowlers to step up, but the bowling line up looks exciting"

Plenty of T20 competitions around the world

"It’s just the nature of cricket these days, a lot of these players with go straight from bangladesh, straight to big bash then straight from there to Pakistan and IPL.  There is definitely a big market out there, I think franchise T20 is where it’s at"

Is test cricket still the pinnacle?

"If you ask most cricketers test cricket would be the ultimate, I wouldn’t say that’s 100%, I’m sure there are a percentage of people who are white ball specialists and no intentions of playing test cricket. With all these T20 leagues around the world it makes it a viable option, and a different career path to what there would have been 15-20 years ago"

Adapting your game for three formats

"You could play a T20i one day, then 2-3 days later play a test match and vice versa. All of those little things can contribute to a performance or lack of, I think that’s one of the biggest shifts been made over the last few years. Being able to adapt to not only the conditions but also the formats at a short notice"

Different bats for different formats

"I have T20/ODI bat and a Test bat which is obviously slightly lighter. Saying that, with the new rules coming out in October it will be interesting how that works with the size of the bats. The guys who do have very big bats and if they have the same success. I think the guys that hit it down the middle will always hit sixes regardless of how big the bats are"

Wide variety of shots in the game now

"It’s the beauty of playing T20 cricket and how it’s evolved over time, and why the public love that format so much as well. Some of the shots that have been played in the last few years are ridiculous, but it attracts new fans and that can only be good for the game and will continue"

Sussex chances

"Anytime you start a campaign you’re looking to make the finals, but it’s not how you start it’s how you finish it, quite often the team with momentum in those final places is the team that ends up winning it"

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