Round The World In 80 Hours - Details

Round The World In 80 Days - Details

Around The (Cricket World) in 80 hours is a trip that Goatacre CC's John Wilkins and Chris Chapman are undertaking to raise funds for one of their team-mate's sons who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and is in need of an operation.

They will visit all 18 first-class groundsmen in England and Wales will and pick up a helpful tip from each one.

"Goatacre CC's secretary carried an Olympic Torch in 2012 and we are taking this with us, as the community spirit being generated by the trip is very reminiscent of 2012, it will also help fill the photo," Wilkins says.

"Our whole club from Juniors to the President have ben involved in supporting this," he added.

"On top of this the Wiltshire Sport Development Officer, Alex Muse is riding a static cycle for 240km in 10 hours at Wiltshire County Hall, in support of the fund.

Stephen Baker has played for GCC for over 25 years and has shown huge commitment to the club over that time, not just on the field but off it as well, where he has been involved in most of our projects in recent times. Always first to volunteer, Stephen and his family now need our help.

Stephen and his wife Carol have 2 sons, 7 year old Josh and Oliver aged 3. Oliver has a form of Cerebral Palsy called Spastic Diplegia. Because of this condition Oliver is unable to walk and his parents would like him to have an operation called a Rhizotomy to give him the chance to lead as normal a life as possible. Following the operation a long and intense period of Physiotherapy will be required.

None of this available on the NHS, so the only option is to pay for Private Treatment, costing over £24,000 for the operation and then £160 per hour for the special physiotherapy required.
Goatacre CC is committed to helping as much as we can and we have already arranged and supported fundraising activities, but a major boost is required.

John and Chris are getting individual sponsorship, and Goatacre CC are now asking  all members to persuade at least 4 sponsors to support this worthy cause. If we can help Oliver to walk, then maybe he can one day play cricket, which we all take for granted.

Please help us, as all the support we receive is very much appreciated.

For further information please contact John Wilkins on 07798 680724

18 Venues in 80 Hours covering 1300 Miles EVENT SCHEDULE Day 1: Tuesday 18th March: South West-West Midlands Day 2: Wednesday 19th March: North-North East Day 3: Thursday 20th March: East Midlands Day 4: Friday 21st March: London-South East Click here for the full club-by-club schedule