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Running Technique Drills | Fitness Masterclass with Chinmoy Roy

Dicky Bird, the legendary umpire used to call Michael Holding a Rolls Royce. Do you know why?

Holding’s run up had no thudding noise. It was nice and smooth. Top fast bowling coaches have always emphasized on the importance of run up to bowl quick. Dennis Lillee in 70’s and Waqar Younis and Bret Lee of modern era had a nice rhythmic run up which itself turned into a great spectacle. Remember it contributed a lot to their pace and control.

MRF pace foundation in Chennai under Dennis Lillee started the pace revolution in India back in the 1990’s. Bharat Arun, India’s current fast bowling coach has played a stellar role in taking forward the work started by Dennis Lillee. Bharat Arun worked meticulously on the running technique of the fast bowlers in the National Cricket Academy of India. According to him, one got to be as close to the basics so far as running technique is concerned. Developing a good running technique will help a fast bowler in running up to the bowling crease with good rhythm and right momentum. This will ensure that the ball can be hurled towards the target at desired speed.

There are four-five basic running technique drills like A-skip, B-skip, High Knee, ankling, high skip and wall drive. In this episode I have explored a few more drills to improve running technique for the fast bowlers or in general.

1. A-skip with reverse lunge

2. Resisted A-skip with reverse lunge

Reps and sets

10 each leg X 3 sets

3. Resisted high knee and let go

4. Resisted spot high knee and let go and run over the hurdle

Reps and sets

6 reps x 4-5 sets