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Schiedam to host sixth European Continental T20 tournament

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Schiedam in the Netherlands will host the sixth edition of the European Continental T20 tournament from 23rd to 25th June with five teams set to compete.

Denmark, France and Germany will join a team made up of Pakistanis living in Holland and a KNCB XI.

After the first match is played away from Schiedam, when KNCB XI take on Denmark, the remaining games will be played at either Schiedam's Excelsior'20 or Hermes DVS and the entire tournament is part of the ongoing 'Schiedam Cricket City' project.

Prior to the tournament beginning, the Netherlands A team will take on Denmark in a 50-over game at VOC, Rotterdam.


23rd June: KNCB XI v Denmark, Pakistan XI v Germany

24th June: Germany v KNCB XI, Denmark v France, France v Germany, KNCB XI v Pakistan XI

25th June: Denmark v Germany, France v Pakistan XI, Denmark v Pakistan XI, France v KNCB XI

KNCB XI squad: Dirk van Baren, Hidde Overdijk, Roel Verhagen, Tim Etman, Joost Kroesen, Rahil Ahmed, Mohid Hingorami, Saqib Zulfiqur, Rens van Troost, Sikander Zulfiqur, Sebastiaan Braat, Gijs Kroesen, Umar Baker, Mahesh Hans

Netherlands 'A' squad: Rahil Ahmed, Dirk van Baren, Tim Gruijters, Mohit Hingorami, Joost Kroesen, Vivian Kingma, Hidde Overdijk, Shane Snater, Leon Turmaine, Roel Verhagen, Saqib Zulfiqur, Sikander Zulfiqur

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