Self-Crafted Cricket Bat A Hit During Cricket World Cup

A student from ACS Egham International School has crafted his own cricket bat as part of a project that aims to explore the science and craftsmanship behind a good bat. Trigun Soni, 15, has hopes of a career in professional cricket and has spent eight weeks making and perfecting a bat built from willow.

The project was part of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) personal project, for which students are tasked to create something personal that challenges them and requires their initiative.  Trigun’s project was on display at ACS Egham on Wednesday 23rd February during the exhibition that marked the end of the assignment for him and his 46 classmates.

Trigun developed the bat based on his personal physique and cricket style. To finish the project, the bat was put through its paces and tested at hitting balls, with the same tests being carried out on a factory-produced bat.

Trigun said:  “My interest in cricket inspired me to do this project and I always wanted a bat built according to my own requirements. Overall it was a successful project but even though my bat is good, the mass manufactured one is very well made and very light to play with.”

Trigun, who is British Indian, is a proud supporter of India and has been enjoying the recent dramatic clash between England and India in the ICC Cricket World Cup.

“I thought India were going to win with their huge score of 338. But with the partnership of Andrew Strauss and Ian Bell for England it was quite worrying at times and I thought England might clinch it. Then it ends in a draw! It was a fascinating match.”

Elani McDonald, MYP Personal Project Coordinator at ACS Egham, added:

"There has been a great variety of projects amongst the students. The IBMYP personal project is a great opportunity for the students to work on something that they are really interested in and show off their passion and talents."

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