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Shakib Ban Comes In For Criticism

Shakib Al Hasan reacts
Shakib Al Hasan has stayed silent, but plenty of others have criticised the Bangladesh Cricket Board
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While Shakib Al Hasan himself has maintained a silence since being handed a six-month ban by the Bangladesh Cricket Board, others have not been afraid to have their say.

Two days ago, Shakib was banned for six months and suspended from playing abroad until January 2015 by the BCB.

The rumour is that Shakib will head to United States of America with his wife in the near future. However, some speculate that he will first appeal against the decision of BCB.

However, in the meantime, Bangladeshi supporters are expressing their dissatisfaction with the decision; many famous Bangladeshis have already shown their support for Shakib.

Aminul Islam, the first Bangladeshi to score a Test century, a former captain of Bangladesh and currently the Cricket Development Officer of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), has also criticised the BCB.

In a Facebook post, Aminul said: "From my point of view, it is a very bad decision. BCB hasn’t cleared all the allegations against Shakib.

"They claim that Shakib has been breaking rules of BCB for long time. If so, why hadn’t they solved those issues when they were notified about those problems?”

And he added: "We know that Shakib took permission from Akram Khan, Director of Cricket Management of BCB though he didn’t have an official NOC (No Objection Certificate).

"Still, when BCB called him back, Shakib returned to Bangladesh. This shows that the BCB has a problem with their overall management."

Aminul Islam ended his Facebook post by reminding everyone that Shakib would be the main weapon of Bangladesh in the 2015 World Cup but BCB’s decision will affect his performance.

With dissatisfaction, he concluded: "What a preparation for the 2015 World Cup!"

Shakib’s ban will end in 8th January 2015, giving him a little more than a month before the World Cup begins on 14th February.

People of Magura, Shakib's home-town, are protesting the decision. Singer Hasiara Hasi, who is from Magura, said, "Shakib is our pride. Shakib is the pride of the whole nation too. We will not accept such severe punishment because of such simple mistake. We hope that BCB will reduce his ban."

However, assessing everything it seems as if very soon the people of Bangladesh will protest BCB’s decision and stand by their beloved cricketer Shakib Al Hasan.

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