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Sharpen Your Cricket Skills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV with his latest cricket training drills, this time focusing on working cricket actions into your training drills.

Drill Set up

  • Place two poles as the starting block keeping a distance of 5 metres between them.
  • 5 metres from the starting pole place two sets of 5 pieces of hurdles (height 9 inches) parallel keeping 5 feet distance between the two sets.
  • Two players start from two poles and run through their respective set of hurdles
  • 15 metres from the first hurdle place another set of two cones where players stop and take catches.
  • 10 metres from that cone place a set of two spring stumps where two feeders feed catches. 
  • During catching one straight catch is followed by one cross catch where the opposite feeder gives the catch.
  • Running a four is counted from the spring stump to the starting pole

Technical Cue

  • Ensure a rhythmic arm and knee drive while running over the hurdle.
  • Still square head, square shoulder will ensure that the elbow moves in line with the shoulder
  • Look for optimal knee lift. Lifting the knee too high will impede running speed

Reps and sets

  • After one rep rest for 1 minute
  • Do 6 reps and then rest for 5 minutes
  • Do 2-3 sets