SISIS The Choice Of Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club

	SISIS The Choice Of Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club
SISIS The Choice Of Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club

The Laguna Beach Lawn Bowling Club in California has turned to SISIS in a bid to improve the playing characteristics of their bowling green with the purchase of a SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk 5.

The club has purchased a pedestrian de-thatcher following an extensive on and offline search by US Open Bowls winner Joe Regan, who was charged with finding the best turf maintenance equipment for the job.

"We wanted to improve the quality of the greens so I searched around the world for the perfect piece of turf maintenance equipment for our club," Regan said.

"The SISIS Auto Rotorake was the perfect fit for what we needed. It is a machine like no other and does a fantastic job removing and controlling thatch on the green. I then contacted CS Trading and their dealer AA Equipment to organise a demonstration."

The Rotorake's principle of contra-rotating was first pioneered by SISIS in the 1960s, throwing the thatch forwards while holding the machine firmly to the ground to produce a consistent working depth.

Such precision means that the Rotorake is versatile enough to be used on golf greens, tees and fine ornamental lawns as well as bowling greens.

Its excellent weight distribution, wide smooth tyres and full differential were all features which impressed Regan, who added:

"All of the controls are easy to use but the clever thing is that the depth-of-cut adjustment is mounted on the handle to provide precision depth control at the fingertips and on the move. I also like the simple reel change which means that one machine can be used for several different jobs from de-thatching, verticutting or brushing."

The SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk 5 can be used regularly on fine turf, both aggressively before the season begins and lightly as the season is in progress.

"I've been competing for Team USA in the Asia Pacific games in Australia recently and this is where I was first inspired to improve the greens in the US," Regain said.

"We were so impressed with the demonstration that we actually kept that machine. We have also received excellent customer support from Ian Camp of CS Trading throughout the purchasing process.

"The SISIS products are fantastic and I’ve already recommended SISIS to other clubs in Southern California so that they can improve their bowling greens like we have."

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