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Perfect for sports professionals and enthusiasts alike, the Mammoth is the perfect sleep solution for anyone who is serious about their sport and their health.

Trusted by elite sports people for more than a decade to deliver the very best night’s sleep, Mammoth is the go-to mattress for the RPA, BAC and thousands of sporting professionals throughout the UK.

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Are you sleeping well? If not, you may need a new mattress. When did you last change your mattress? – The industry standard advice is to change your mattress every 7 years and pillows every 2 years. Well, the 7 years was up on my mattress and I was looking around for a new mattress that would be suitable for mine and my partner’s lifestyle.

How do you sleep? How does your partner sleep? Are you a side sleeper, sleep on your front or a back sleeper? These were all questions that needed to be answered while deciding on what mattress to choose - I’m a side sleeper so it was important to be sure that the mattress chosen was suitable as well for different sleepers, as my partner is more of a front sleeper.

After doing a bit of research online, I came across the Mammoth Sport mattress which, amongst other interesting scientific and other facts, also have Mark Wood (Durham CCC and England pace bowler) as an ambassador and the company is also a partner of the PCA (the Professional Cricketers Association) As a cricketer myself, I was interested to see how and why the mattress would help my lifestyle and also, other more active club and professional cricketers and sports people.

Having recently started Tae Kwon Do classes with my daughter, I was also keen to ensure that I had a good night’s sleep and good recuperation with the new mattress, as I was using completely different muscles etc to my normal activity – which was not doing a lot in the winter months and playing the odd game of social and club cricket during the summer months!

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So I contacted Mammoth Sports mattresses and got more information on their product and also spoke with their medical consultant Dr Jonathan Bloomfield…….

It was important that the new mattress was beneficial not just for me but also my partner – it is a well-known fact that a bed/mattress with the correct support, comfort and space will ensure you wake less, move about less, are less disturbed by your partner and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching.

What is not so well known is that there is evidence that professional sports people “can increase career longevity in the professional game by sleeping well and people who sleep poorly have shorter careers - a study in the USA which was pretty conclusive” – said Dr Jonathan Bloomfield in our recent interview……

“Sleep can play a massive role in cricket - the game is about concentration, reactions and judgement and those aspects are significantly affected by the amount, quality and regularity of your sleeping and sleep behaviour. To be a fantastic cricketer, it’s fundamentally important to manage or focus well on your sleep and recovery so congenitally you can cope with the demands of the game.      

What’s quite interesting is playing under the flood lights and with a lot of travel involved in cricket, you also then you have the day/night games which effect peoples body clocks. If you’re batting or fielding late into the night, which can make it difficult to get to sleep at your normal bed time and can have a knock on effect over a couple weeks or months.

It can be very difficult to come down from the adrenaline and physical demand of T20, to then get adequate recovery for the next day or couple of days, so it’s a big challenge”


The Mammoth Sport Mattress

Dr Jonathan Bloomfield then described how he came into contact with Mammoth and his thoughts on the mattress …..“It’s a super product; I’ve personally been sleeping on Mammoth for about 4 years now. So, I came into contact with Mammoth through my work within professional rugby and was aware how they were promoting their mattress to rugby players, helping them with recovery.

I was working as a sport scientist in the international game and had a very strong interest in the area of sleep. So I first came across Mammoth as a customer, so I replaced my mattress and took advantage of a Mammoth which made a massive difference to me and my wife at home.

Then about a year ago we created a partnership and I’m providing education services for the company.

It’s an interesting product because its origins are probably different to other mattresses that are in retail at the moment. Their origins are in medical grade foam, so the technology used in hospitals for patients who are requiring pain relief. So it’s a different type of foam that would be used for a normal mattress with the focus on pressure relief and spine alignment.

The way the mattress has been produced, it also has a core feature of temperature regulation, so the body doesn’t heat up during the night and it’s able to keep the body temperature regulated.

Of course, we know that sleep is a fundamental process for recovery, one of the most important processes for the body to repair and recover. So getting the optimal night’s sleep is of prime importance for anyone who exercises for one or particularly performance athletes looking to gain an edge.

When I started using the mattress I noticed a remarkable difference in how I felt. I know a lot of professional rugby players are a strong advocates, it seems to be making a difference.  Obviously their bodies are going through a lot of physical contact. The mattress plays a key part in that recovery process, but there are a lot of things that contribute to an ideal sleeping environment. We’re looking at how dark the room is, how quiet it is, what the room temperature is; make sure you’re going through a good sleep routine. Some consistency in your sleep wake times, what you’re eating before bed time, your actual mental relaxation and the way you relax before bed to try and help promote a sound sleep over.

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Should I change my mattress and pillows?

“I believe in changing a mattress every 7-8 years and then your pillow should be firm and supportive, making sure your neck and spine are in good alignment whether you’re a side sleeper or back sleeper. Choosing the right height and firmness of pillow is quite important.

I would try and have one pillow, rather than doubling up, and have it at the right height and firmness for your body shape and size. So making sure there is good alignment, which is key.

 If you’ve got poor alignment, you can restrict airways, so that can be a problem for snoring or even contribute towards sleep apnoea which is a terrible sleep disorder. So looking at posture in bed is important making sure that the mattress is supportive and the pillow is the right size and shape to keep a clear airway and a neutral spine alignment”

Well, after that, I recently took delivery of my new Mammoth Sports Mattress and my experience could only really be described as a revelation. Having recently started taking more physical exercise, than in recent years, I found that mattress was not only comfortable but also seems to soften the normal pressure points on the side of the body – hip, shoulder and knee - and is also seemingly negating the previous aches and pains when getting up in the morning.

This apparently is due to the fact that the Mammoth Sport mattresses are ‘manufactured in medical grade foam, so it’s the same technology used in hospitals for patients who are requiring pain relief. So it’s a different type of foam that would be otherwise used for a normal mattress, with the focus on pressure relief and spine alignment’

I will update you with progress over the next 12 months both on and off the field and my advice….. Sleep well…. And Score more Runs and take more Wickets…….


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