Smith: Bowlers Could Play Big Role In World Cup

South African captain Graeme Smith believes bowlers could hold the key to success in the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup, held in South Africa from September 11th to 24th. "I'm unsure whether batsmen are going to totally dominate. No one really knows what conditions are going to be like at this time of year," Smith told reporters in Johannesburg. "If they are good, then batsmen could have a field day because the ball travels far up here on the Highveld and our stadiums are smaller than elsewhere in the world. "But bowlers's skills are improving all the time and with slower balls and bouncers coming into play, I think they could have a big say as well." South Africa open the competition playing West Indies in Group A, with Smith and his players excited about performing in front of their home crowd. "We're very excited, especially since we're hosting this inaugural tournament which is an awesome opportunity. "From when one-day cricket started until now, it has developed a lot and it's a far different game now than when it began. "Twenty20 is just starting now and everything will be different. Tactics will obviously be important and teams are going to have to show some imagination, players who are unorthodox and can think on their feet will be crucial. "Captains will need to trust their players and allow them to go out and play."