So who's insuring your stuff?

So who's insuring your stuff? and more importantly  - can they insure your stuff?

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One of the things I have noticed this year is how a number of cricket clubs are relying on their Parish Council or Landlord Sports Club, to insure items such as nets, non-turf pitches, sightscreens, and covers.

Whilst it may be convenient to do it that way, it does raise two questions:

Are the parish council or Landlord Sports club legally able to insure property belonging to you?

Do you have a copy of the policy to see what restrictions of cover or exclusions are applied to your property?

For the answer to the first question, we have to look at the definition of Insurable Interest.

The Legal Definition is that “Insurable Interest is a right, benefit, or advantage arising out of property that is of such nature that it may properly be indemnified.

It does go on to say that In the law of insurance, the insured must have an interest in the subject matter of his or her policy, or such policy will be void and unenforceable since it will be regarded as a form of gambling.

In simple terms, if your Parish council or Landlord Sports Club are insuring your property without any reference to your ownership, insurers may have the right to refuse to pay any claim arising.

If you still wish to allow the Parish Council or Landlord Sports Club to insure your equipment, you need to at least be named on their policy as an additional assured and the equipment belonging to you listed as such.

With regards the second point, it is important that you check whether or not items in the open are covered for theft, vandalism, and weather risks.

If you are not using a specialist Insurance Broker with a dedicated cricket club product, you may find that coverage is frequently restricted to Fire, Lightning and explosion plus contact with aircraft.

This means that you will be self - insuring against loss or damage caused by other perils such as storm, wind, rain, snow. Given that we seem to be experiencing greater storm activity during our Winter months, I would have thought that clubs would really value having weather cover for their items kept in the open.

We would be happy to review your landlord sports club or parish council policy to ensure that you have all the cover that you need.

Alternatively one of the best ways to insure your own equipment is on your own policy and we would be delighted to give you a free no obligation quotation. Just give me a call today on 01883 333352 and let me know how I can help.

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