Spinner Nayan Doshi Quits Surrey

Spinner Nayan Doshi has left Surrey County Cricket Club, deciding to look elsewhere as he strives for more first team opportunities. Doshi, 28, has been at The Brit Oval since 2004, has taken the decision to terminate his contract, which had another year left to run. Alan Butcher, Surrey Cricket Manager said of his decision, "It’s not unusual for a professional sportsman to be left out of a team. “They don’t enjoy it but on most occasions they take it on the chin and fight to regain their place as Alastair Brown has vowed to do. “It’s a pity that Nayan is unwilling to do this as he was part of our future plans but in the position we find ourselves in, we need people who are prepared to take on a challenge. “This appears to be no longer the case and so I have accepted his resignation. As a club, we wish him all the best in the future.” Doshi has struggled to work his way into the side this season with Surrey enjoying the resurgence in form of Chris Schofield and the signing of Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh. Doshi claimed, “I regard myself as a good spin bowler and I just didn’t feel that I had the backing that I should have had. “It is for this reason that I have decided to step down. There are no bad feelings as this was my decision and I wish the club the best of luck for the remainder of the season.”
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