Sports Betting and Cricket

Yuvraj Singh playing in the IPL - the richest T20 cricket tournament in the world

Cricket and betting have long been associated with one another, and have long gone hand in hand for many spectators and punters alike.

Whether betting on the result of a match or on the multitude of factors which the game of Cricket provides, there has never been a better time to play the odds from the comfort of your phone or computer as you watch the match using online sports betting services.

Many people use betting as a way to add extra excitement to watching a sport, and we can all admit that as great as cricket is, a five day test match can sometimes really drag on. Having the ability to make real time bets, you won’t even have to leave your seat as you bet on the next ball, the next wicket, the next four or six. One site which has recently launched an online sportsbook including cricket is Sports Interaction; if you are interested in seeing more about betting online you can read the Sports Interaction full review and become more informed on all in the in’s and out’s.

So what is there to bet on in Cricket?

The most obvious answer would be: the winning side. This is of course true, and most people bet this way. But one of cricket’s advantages in the betting world is the breadth of factors and events which can be betted on during a match. During each match, especially test matches, the stats of players are constantly discussed and with an array of different outcomes of each ball, there are countless options on which to place a bet. What the next wicket will be, what the batsmen will hit, and how many runs they will score.

What games can be bet on?

Cricket has three main forms:

Twenty-20 - The shortest version of the game and the most fast paced. With just 20 overs per innings these games usually last under 4 hours. There is a growing amount of professional leagues around the world with club teams, particularly in India and Australia, and with seasons packed full of games and many different teams, betting on the Twenty-20 is becoming more and more popular.

One Day International – Played between countries this games lasts roughly a day with 50 overs an innings. These are often played as tournaments between different countries.

Test Cricket – Considered the pinnacle of the game, test cricket is played between the 10 best international teams in the world and can last between 2-5 days. Though it is a long match, this offers many opportunities for placing bets and analysing play as the game progresses and during these long games, broadcasters and websites alike regularly provide real time stats and analysis which allows punters a chance to strategically think out their next bets.

There are many platforms which allow for online gambling, not just for sports like cricket but also other casino classics as well, and these days reading a high quality betway sport and casino review will save you time and put you one step ahead of the rest of getting in on the action.

If you haven’t bet on cricket before, or if you don’t know much about cricket itself you may be thinking, ‘Does anyone actually bet on cricket?’

Well, according to the Daily Mail quoting sources at a UN conference on gambling, cricket amounts to roughly 12 percent of the global sports betting trade per year which is estimated at 3 trillion dollars (12% is 360 billion), and it is increasing as more and more cricket playing countries legalise online betting and worldwide sports bookmakers include increasing numbers of matches on their websites.


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