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Sreesanth 'The best gift ever while playing cricket was surely to be born during the Sachin era'


We had a chance to have a word with Indian World Cup winner Sreesanth about the current situation with Covid-19, playing alongside the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and what are his plans at the moment.

With the current Covid-19 situation, what would you say to fans?

During these tough times, please listen to your government officials and follow the rules and regulations. Let's all stay tough and fight the virus, we shall overcome and make sure you're staying fit yourself with yoga, meditation and listening to positive and motivational video or audio. It's time to be an international hero, just stay home and take care of yourself and your family and anyone else you can take care of - everyone can make the change.

We are all born for greatness, find your inner strength and give your very best. You will succeed no matter how small your chances are, never ever give up as long as you're breathing.

What was it like playing along side Sachin Tendulkar?

The best gift ever while playing cricket was surely to be born during the Sachin era and getting a chance to play alongside him was unbelievable. He was the real god of cricket who took India to greater heights, millions started to play cricket because of him and I was no different. I only wanted to meet him and ended up playing the finals standing next to him winning the World Cup.

What is your greatest cricketing memory?

My greatest cricket memory is getting my first cricket bat gifted to me by my fathers pension money (he bought me the complete kit) which is where it all started. He had immense belief in my ability and knew I will win world cups.

I saw you've had some experience on the TV and film screen, what was that like? How did that come about?

Experience with TV and movies came naturally to me as my whole family is artistic and most of them are doing very well. My brother has done movies and has got a music company. His daughter (my neice) is an actress, my elder sister is well known actress in south industry, my brother is in law and a very famous playback singer and even my father acted in a few movies. I'm the youngest and spoiled I guess, always wanted to be better than anyone, it was hard work but I loved it.

Of course it helps pay the bills too, got to take care of the family.

The England series in 2006, obviously a highlight for you, a fantastic bowling performance taking 6/55 - talk a little about that?

England is surely one of the very best sides I've ever played against, the best being the 2005 ashes side. I've been fortunate to play alongside some legends and learned from them. I've always enjoyed my matches against England. 6/55 is still the best bowling figures by an Indian fast bowler in ODI on Indian soil.

What do you like to get up to outside of cricket?

Outside of Cricket??? Big question. All I can say is I would want to be doing everything possible to make my family state and country proud and yes one world one family. I would hjave surely learned music or movies or some other sport to be in, perhaps the olympics.

What was it like when the life ban was lifted?

When my life ban got lifted it was a new lifeline and I'm not going to give up. I really look up to Jimmy (James Anderson) for his consistency, belief and work ethics) if he can I can too. I would love to play for my country again and hopefully play couple of seasons representing a county side. Thanks to all for the support and blessings.

What are your short-term cricketing ambitions?

I have to get completely match fit and play for my state Kerala in ODI starting from September and then T20 and yes of course Ranji Trophy (first class) and keep performing. I am sure I can.

Do you think you still have a realistic chance of representing India again?

Realistaclly no, but as my father told me which I will always follow 'never give up as long as you're breathing'. I never believed in being realistic, from a small state called Kerala (not much history of great cricketers who represnted India). I always believed I will play for India and win a World Cup and it happens as the bible says 'This too shall pass'. Miracles happen every moment, believe.

Are you considering any coaching roles yet?

I'm helping a lot of people not just cricketers but other spirits too and arts also. Trying my best to make everyone find their full potential. This world is beautiful and people have beautiful hearts, it's all about giving your best and asking them to believe in their ability. I am sure coaches do the same. I'm loving every moment given to me by my almighty.

As always, absolute pleasure to speak with Sreesanth, very inspirational words, think a coaching career could very much be in line for him!

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