Stage Set For Final European T20 Qualifier

The penultimate stage of European qualification for the 2012 ICC World Twenty20 will get underway on 19th July when Guernsey and Jersey host the European Division One Championship.

They will be joined by Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Israel, Italy and Norway with the two top teams progressing to the ICC WT20 qualifier in Dubai in March 2012.

Austria and Belgium qualified from the Division Two tournament held in Belgium and the Netherlands. The tournament lasts until 24th July and will be played at eight venues on the two islands.

"When being accepted to host an ICC Europe event it is always both an honour, but also a huge administrative responsibility that is not taken lightly," co-tournament organiser Mark Latter said.

"It has been a fantastic build up to the championship which is a regional qualifier for ICC World Twenty20 2012, so it is extremely important that everything is as the best it can be. Guernsey and Jersey have formed a well drilled partnership and we are looking forward to welcoming all teams from across Europe to the Channel Islands."

Tournament Director, ICC Regional Performance Officer, Philip Hudson added: "The ICC European Division 1 Championship, is the culmination of three months of competition, which leads the top two teams into the Global qualifier next March in UAE. The two European qualifiers will be provided with a wonderful opportunity to test themselves against the other leading Associate and Affiliate countries, in the Twenty20 format.

"Jersey and Guernsey have a great record of being excellent ICC European tournament hosts and have done a fantastic job in getting the islands ready for the ICC European Division 1 Championship."

Group A

19 July; Guernsey v Norway, KGV (1100); Italy v Croatia, College Field (1100),  Gibraltar v Austria, Port Soif (1100); Austria v Italy, KGV (1600); Guernsey v Croatia, College Field (1600) Gibraltar v Norway; Port Soif (1600)
20 July; Guernsey v Austria, KGV (1100) Italy v Gibraltar, College Field (1100); Croatia v Norway, Port Soif (1100); Gibraltar v Croatia KGV (1600); Norway v Austria, College Field, (1600); Guernsey v Italy, Port Soif (1600)
21 July; reserve day
22 July; Italy v Norway, KGV (1100); Guernsey v Gibraltar, College Field (1100); Croatia v Austria, Port Soif (1100)

Group B

19 July; France v Belgium, FB Fields (1100); Denmark v Israel, Grainville (1100); Jersey v Germany, Les Quennevais 1 (1100); Belgium v Denmark, FB Fields (1600); Israel v Jersey, Grainville (1600); Germany v France, Les Quennevais 1 (1600)
20 July; Israel v Germany, FB Fields (1100); Denmark v France, Grainville (1100); Jersey v Belgium, Farmers (1100); Belgium v Germany, FB Fields (1600) Israel v France, Grainville (1600); Jersey v Denmark, Farmers (1600)
21 July ; reserve day
22 July; Jersey v France, FB Fields (1100); Denmark v Germany, Farmers (1100); Israel v Belgium, Les Quennevais 1 (1100)

Cross over semis, play offs & Final

23 July; A1 v B2 TBC (1100); A2 v B1, TBC (1100); A3 v B4, TBC (1100); A4 v B3, TBC (1100); A5 v B6, TBC (1100); A6 v B5, TBC (1100)
24 July; 3rd-4th match, Grainville (1000); 5th-6th match, Farmers (1000); 7th-8th match, FB Fields (1000); 9th-10th match, Victoria College (1000); 11th-12th match, Les Quennevais (1000); Final, Grainville (1430)

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