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State of Maryland Officially Gets Behind Youth Cricket

State of Maryland Officially Gets Behind Youth Cricket
State of Maryland Officially Gets Behind Youth Cricket

At the Maryland Youth Cricket annual awards banquet in December, Terry Hasseltine, Executive Director of the Sports Commission for the State of Maryland, pledged the strong backing of the State of Maryland for youth cricket development.

This is the first time a state government in the United States has placed its support behind our great game. Hasseltine also immediately committed $2500 from his state budget to go to Maryland Youth Cricket.

"I'm going to use the power of the Sports Commission of the State of Maryland, and our staff, and our team, and the Maryland Stadium Authority, to ensure that cricket has a new voice in the state of Maryland," said Hasseltine.

"I am making a commitment in 2019...to become an advocate of the game at a higher level, and to support all of you at a greater level than we already do. We take great pride in growing our sport products across this great state, and cricket is fast becoming one of those great sports," Hasseltine said.

"My New Year's resolution is that Maryland Sports will get to know cricket at a very high level," said Hasseltine. "You guys are standard bearers, you are setting the trend, you are setting an awareness, not only in the state of Maryland, in the Mid-Atlantic region, but nationally. You are setting a standard that makes Americans want to understand and know more about the game. I'm proud to be a part of that."

Hasseltine said, "We are the only sports commission at the state level in the entire United States. I'm really excited that I now have a new tool in the tool chest. Cricket will become bigger and more grand than it already is. We hope to be a part of the fabric of growing this game.

"I am going to commit right now out of my budget this year, to start up your next year, I'm going to put $2500," said Hasseltine.

Hasseltine said, "If you keep knocking, and you keep knocking, someone is going to finally open the door and listen. Well guess what? I'm listening, and I'm listening at a very high level.

"We're going to try to work on some things to try and help youth cricket be exposed to other opportunities across this great state, and use the assets and the tools that we have... to see how I can help you the best that I can," said Hasseltine.

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