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Stay In Shape At Home | Lockdown Workout

Like Steve Smith taking an awkward evasive action against a Jofra Archer snorter, the whole world is taking an evasive action against Covid-19. Jofra Archer’s snorter is not at all a nightmare for the batsmen at the moment. The nightmare is a deadly bug called Corona.

Top global sporting event such as summer Olympic in Tokyo postponed. From cash rich IPL in India to English Cricket season nothing is certain at present. While things depict a gloomy picture now, one must agree that it is a sense of future that keeps us going. For sure, the sound of leather hitting willow will be heard again. Only thing is we need to bide time.

Be it Ben Stokes, Joe Root or Virat Kohli, all are trying in their own way to keep their body in shape, ensuring social distancing. Remember, for a sportsperson, detraining effect starts within 48 hours of finishing the last training session. And at the end of the day all cricketers have to return to competition and perform in future. Therefore, if they can’t hone their skills sitting at home, they can sustain a certain level of fitness by training.

From that view point I have conceived the idea of a short video on fitness training at home for the cricketers. The same exercises can be done by general fitness enthusiasts at a lower intensity. The first episode has two drills. These are connected to quick movement and catching skill.

Here are the salient features of the drills:

1. Lateral Movement and wall rebound catches

  • Stand 5-10 feet away from the wall depending upon the size of your room
  • Keep a soft cricket ball or a tennis ball that bounces well
  • Move 5-10 feet laterally at maximum speed
  • Underarm the ball towards the wall at good speed and catch the rebound
  • Keep altering the heights of the underarm throw so that catches vary from waist to ankle level
  • One side to other is count of one
  • Do 30-50 counts
  • Rest for a minute. Repeat 5 Times

2. Fast Feet Drill

  • Use your jumping rope to form a square shape on the floor
  • Now get inside the square and then out of it to left. Back inside and then to right. Back inside and go forward. Then quickly return to start. Repeat the same sequence.
  • One ground contact with both legs is count of one. Do 30 total counts.
  • Rest for a minute. Repeat 5 Times.
  • You can add a ball and like the previous drill under arm towards wall and catch the rebound. Repetitions and sets remain the same