Stay On Top Of Your Game: Play, Travel, Work With Phizz


PHIZZ is a world first for life-lovers: a Swiss made effervescent tablet which fits perfectly into your pocket or bag to help you stay on top of your game. Combining a rehydration formula with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, PHIZZ helps you play hard, travel fresh and work smart.

PHIZZ is one tablet which does three jobs. Electrolytes, vitamins, glucose, zinc, copper and other minerals give your body all the essentials to combat dehydration, boost your immune system and keep mental and physical fatigue at bay. 

PHIZZ was created by three friends with a passion for living life to the full. They worked and played hard, travelled often and craved a one-stop solution to combat the effects of their busy lives.  Scientifically formulated to help combat dehydration, jet lag, post-gym workouts and daily vitamin intake, PHIZZ helps keep you up to speed and at your best.   

Daniel Cray, PHIZZ co-founder and Marketing Director says, “PHIZZ offers a range of wellness benefits that you won't get from any other individual product. By helping the body rapidly absorb more water, supporting the immune system and providing antioxidants PHIZZ keeps you fighting fit, clear-headed and focused throughout anything a modern lifestyle throws at you.” 

Staying on top of your Cricket game is thirsty work; Physiotherapist & Head of Phizz Sport, Yasmin Badiani, (previous physio of Leicester City Football Club) reveals the simple secret to help keep you fighting fit.

  • Keep your head in the game: When you are dehydrated your psychomotor functions are compromised, meaning your co-ordination is affected. For those competitive sport fanatics, this could be the difference between a cricketer scoring a six.
  • Rehydration is key: It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, everyone wants to get the most of their workout and perform to their optimal. This can only be achieved with the right hydration levels.
  • Burning energy: Dehydration affects the body’s ability to burn fat and research has shown that the metabolic rate is increased by 30% after drinking 2 glasses of water.
Keep rehydrated with PHIZZ – stocked at Anthony Joshua's BXR Gym, as well as various sports clubs and gyms across the UK. You can also pick up a tube of 10 for RRP £4.99 or 20 tablets for RRP £7.99 from Ocado, Amazon and select independent pharmacies.

PHIZZ comes in convenient and compact tubes of 10 or 20 tablets.  No fuss or mess, simply pop and drop into a glass or bottle of water and continue your day exactly as you intended. Pick up a tube of 10 for RRP £4.99 or 20 tablets for RRP £7.99 from Ocado, Amazon and select independent pharmacies.