Storms, Presentations & Scary Nights

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Storms, Presentations & Scary Nights
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, being based in the United Kingdom, this week's round-up of our favourite cricket-related tweets feature several concerning the weather.

Much of Southern England and the Midlands were battered by the heaviest storms for a decade; cricketers and cricket clubs were among those affected.

But in amongst it all, cricket fans managed to find humour in the situation, retweeting pictures and cricket-related weather jokes as the hatches were proverbially battened down.

Last week, we featured The Big Bike Ride, and the tweets kept coming as the fund-raising event came to an end - well done to everybody involved.

Cricket news never really dries up, does it? We also feature news of upcoming events, awards ceremonies, AGMs and finally news from abroad as well - from Australia to Gibraltar!

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