Sussex CCC's Tymal Mills on T20 Cricket

We had the chance to catch up with Tymal Mills just before start of the Natwest T20 Blast, and talk all forms of T20 cricket and Sussex CCC's chances in the upcoming competition.

Being one of the more expensive IPL players we asked his experience out there.

"It was really good, my first time out there you hear about the glitz and glamour and how popular it is - but until you get out there and experience it you underestimate it. It’s a massive tournament with the fans crazy about cricket. I had a great time and hopefully I’ll be going back next year." 

With the sheer amount of T20 competitions these days, and more constantly springing up, we wanted to hear Tymal's thoughts on the competitions.

"I only play T20 cricket now so the more high class competitions there are around the world the better for me, especially the english competition, I can’t wait for that to start. Once it’s up and running in a few years I’m sure it will be one of the best."

T20 cricket is becoming more and more a batsmans game, so we wanted to hear the thoughts from a bowlers point of view.

"It’s tough, but you have to embrace it, if you can get the reputation of a high class bowler you’re going to make a name for yourself because it is more and more geared towards batsmen a lot of the time. It’s fair enough, crowds want to see sixes and fours and high scoring games, we as bowlers are there to spoil the party as much as we can."

Obviously with more and more sixes and fours being smashed, what a bowler can go for in an over or match is hugely different now - we wanted to hear Tymal's personal aim when bowling.

"I still hold myself to high standards in T20 games, I always look to see if I’ve gone for over 30 then I’m quite disappointed in myself and I see that as a bad game - obviously conditions and where you’re playing play into that."

What are Sussex CCC's chances in the Natwest T20 Blast?

"We’ve got a really good squad, obviously Ross Taylor is back and he’s going to be our captain this year which is great, Luke Wright fit which he wasn’t last year which was a big blow. We’ve recruited well, Laurie Evans has come over from Warwickshire who has a really good record in T20.

Then the bowling attack with myself, Chris Jordan and Jofra Archer who hasn’t played an awful lot of T20 but has been cleaning up in the four day stuff. We’re shaping up really well and I’m really excited."

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