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T20I Series- Pakistan vs New Zealand – the ‘agony and ecstasy’ - Syed Naseem Ahmad

T20I Series- Pakistan vs New Zealand – the ‘agony and ecstasy’
T20I Series- Pakistan vs New Zealand – the ‘agony and ecstasy’

As you know, I have been associated with Pakistan Cricket since 1953 - as a player, with little bit of 1st Class cricket, Cricket Commentator, associated with BCCP and now PCB management.

As such my long association with the game has provided me enough insight to understand the cricket dynamics of Pakistan. Therefore, my views are always based on ground realities prevailing here from time to time. Since I have seen glory to gloom periods of our Cricket, it pains me to express my feelings on the steep down slide of a talented team which if properly selected and groomed can match with the best ones in the World.

Now coming to the 3 match T20 series with New Zealand, what comes to my mind is that our team played like "Speaking a language without Grammar". Our performance in the first two matches was like novices with no knowledge of basics of the game which we always term as Book Cricket. That is why it is absolutely essential to follow the batting, bowling and fielding techniques as prescribed for the Test matches. Thereafter mastering the basics, one can innovate for T20/ODI games to score on faster rate.

Pakistan team selected for this tour was under prepared, with very little knowledge of the conditions of coping with the swinging ball,and extra nip from the pitch. This is well evident from the results of the first two T20 matches which Pakistan lost with no clue to any department of the game i.e Batting, Bowling and Fielding.

Pakistan won the 3rd match with ease here because there was an absence of swing and with even bounce of the pitch it was much easier to bat, as demonstrated by Rizwan by playing the match winning innings of 89 runs. More so the NZ bowling was also off the target because of the wet ball. But one thing is certain that Pakistan team has always been an unpredictable side whenever and wherever they play. That is why people in Pakistan are always in agony and ecstasy when they watch them play in front of their TV sets. But they still love this great game of cricket and that is why Pakistan is very rich with unknown cricket talent.

Syed Naseem Ahmad